BREXIT: Nigel Farage latest Pro- Brexit = Independence Speech – Video

Nigel Farage just gave an OUTSTANDING Speech on Brexit, Gets a Standing Ovation

COMMENT: Isa Buzet : Dear British friends, please get through the process and leave the EU hell, and us French will follow suit, along with Italy.

COMMENT: Edwin Cheesecake: When you speak to pro-Brexit people, whether they are working class or upper class, educated highly or not, they all say or imply the same thing: “even if it is a rough ride for a few years, getting back control is more important”. Brexit supporters don’t mind a few years of financial difficulty if it means they get back their democracy and control of their laws and borders. The sovereignty of Britain is worth more than some pain. And yet, it is unlikely to be anywhere near as bad as the remainers claim. Sovereignty is something so important that people fight and die to gain and protect it. The English Civil War. The American Revolution. Ripping control from tyrannical overlords is important even if you have to suffer for it.

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