Ten Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends – video

10 Reasons Why Smart People Have Fewer Friends – video

Published on Jul 18, 2018  By BRAINY DOSE 
Psychological studies show that smart people have fewer friends in general. Yes, the realer you are, the fewer friends you have! That being said, highly intelligent people do value their friends, and they keep them tight. And, if you’ve got a tight circle of friends yourself, this video may explain why!       

Having an above average intelligence means that you easily detect people with a “try hard” persona, and you tend to keep your distance from them. You have already worked out who your true friends are, so you don’t really feel the need to have any new ones. And you are very cautious when letting people in your life.

People often see you intimidating, because you keep to yourself. But, there are some people who take you seriously and they know how unique you really are. These are the people you invest your time and effort in. The researchers believe that there may be a conflict between the way we’ve evolved and the quickly paced lives we lead.

Highly intelligent people are better able to adapt to modern life, and they’re not as tied to humanity’s evolutionary predilections. This means that smart people have fewer friends because they don’t have as much of a need for social interaction.

Friendship is perhaps one of the deepest bonds in human life. It’s forged through mutual trust, unconditional support and selflessness. Smart people realize the importance of having REAL friends, and you value those friendships deeply.

So if you only have a few close friends and prefer to stay at home most of the time, don’t despair. You’re probably just really smart!

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