A New and United Guyana is set for launching on January 18.  A statement issued by the group today follows: 


The Steering Committee of A New and United Guyana (ANUG) comprising Kian Jabour, Henry Jeffrey, Timothy Jonas, Ralph Ramkarran and Beni Sankar, met on Friday January 11, to discuss the general political situation and ANUG’s policies and programmes.         

The Party confirmed that the time has come for the people of Guyana to be offered another political choice that offers relief from a governance system that perpetuates the drive for ethnic domination, corruption and marginalization.     

ANUG is determined to use whatever support that the people of Guyana are persuaded to entrust it with, to determinedly struggle to ensure that Guyana is freed from the obstacles which have obstructed its development as a country free from poverty, discrimination and corruption and where our resources are developed for the benefit of all.

ANUG is aware that the failure of third parties in the past to remain independent of the main political parties, and to be influenced by careerism and political office, have resulted in such third parties losing their identities and being absorbed in Guyana’s ethno-political struggles. That is why ANUG undertakes that, unless it secures the majority or plurality and goes into government as a result, it will never join either of the main political parties to be a part of any government. It will instead use its influence and parliamentary representation to create a system of governance that offers the possibility of executive inclusiveness that operates in the interest of all Guyanese. ANUG offers to make this undertaking legally enforceable so that, if violated, it can be taken to court.

ANUG will have its official launch, to which the public is invited, on Friday January 18 at 5.30 pm at Moray House, Camp and Quamina Streets, Georgetown.
  • —Stabroek News – 12 January 2019