Store Closings: What went wrong on the High Street in 2018? – BBC News

What went wrong on the High Street in 2018?

By Emma Simpson – Business correspondent, BBC News

The last 12 months have seen a string of High Street names go out of business. But what made 2018 such a bad year for retailers?

“I absolutely loved my job at Poundworld. It was like a family – we all got on, and we all stepped in if somebody couldn’t do a shift.”

Jenny Evans had been working for seven years as a part-time sales assistant when she heard the news on the radio in June that her company had collapsed.     

It wasn’t just her job in the firing line – her daughter, Nicola, worked at Poundworld in Wolverhampton, too.

“We were gutted that it went under. But I had an idea – I worked on the deliveries and they were getting smaller and smaller. I had a feeling then,” she recalls.

“I was there when the shop was shutting. It was awful. People were coming in, wanting everything for nothing. The place was stripped bare.


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