BOOK: “Cloaked in Faith” –  By Robert G. Lawrie

BOOK: “Cloaked in Faith” –  By Robert G. Lawrie

The Book and Author

Robert G. Lawrie, is formerly of Charity, on the Essequibo Coast of Guyana, South America.
He is presently residing in the United States, and has recently published a memoir titled “Cloaked in Faith.”
His unique story chronicles his experiences as a youth while living in Guyana, as a teenager and young adult living in the United States, his return to Guyana and then back again to the US.
All along the way Rob encountered numerous challenges and obstacles which for most would have inhibited success. On the contrary, Rob propelled himself past these impediments and has not only survived but has thrived. Read about Rob’s challenges of homelessness, abuse, and attempted suicide and how they have been overcome through faith and motivation.

Despite the negative forces he has had to contend with, Rob maintains a positive outlook on life and has been able to survive as well as thrive. The compilation of his life experiences has driven Rob to share his life journey to help others see how they too can overcome the adversities they may face just as he done. He presently is a fourth year PhD student, a writer, an advocate for victims of abuse, for the disadvantaged and for education and is driven to inspire others to overcome.
“Cloaked in Faith” is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon in paperback and  e-reader formats.
Here is the link to the Barnes and Noble website from where the book can be purchased.
Please publicize this book to your readership as once expenses are paid, all proceeds will be used to fund a  nonprofit organization which will help sponsor additional trips to Guyana to aid the disadvantaged.
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