My New Year Resolution for Guyana – By Yvonne Sam

My New Year Resolution for Guyana – By Yvonne Sam

Sometimes people do not want to hear the truth for fear of getting their illusion destroyed.

According to Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the German philosopher, poet and cultural critic,  “He who has a why to live can endure almost any how”. Strangely that is the current state in which all or most of the residents of Guyana find themselves. There is a heavy degree of hopelessness in the air, and this shows itself differently depending on one’s social economic status.  In just a matter of days the beginning of a New Year (2019) will be upon us.  While many are looking forward to a brand New Year, others of us reflect on the ones that have passed.

Knowing full well that the past cannot be changed, or relived in any sense of the word, nevertheless if I were magically granted a few wishes I would start with these resolutions for Guyana in 2019.    

  • I wish that they could figure out a way to eliminate the ongoing acceptance of vulgarity in Guyanese society especially among the Government figures.
  • I wish the politicians would exercise common sense and work to make themselves worthy of the political position they hold.
  • That the MP s would always display political class and never pull a Charrandass.
  • That the government along with the people of Guyana realize now more than ever, that success would only be achieved by coming together in spite of even the most deeply- held differences.
  • That we must chide, not hide those who set about to divide
  • Starting at home and then abroad the current government should totally eradicate corruption and fraud.
  • That no sane- thinking Guyanese should gloat over the latest no-confidence vote. While they may find it hard to take, the Coalition faces the most critical of Guyanese elections, with a lot at stake.
  • That the Coalition quickly recuperate, strengthen its base and quicken its pace.
  • That the people of Guyana are prepared to toil and not depend on wealth from the discovery of oil.
  • That the APNU/ AFC now understand and it is clear for all to see, they governed as if they had a large majority, even affecting the sugar industry.
  • That come 2019 the new government whomsoever they may be will expend adequate time bringing about a reduction in crime.
  • As for the youth well to tell the truth, new challenges the government must meet to keep the young ones off the street. Programs must be instituted so that youths can learn that getting an education is the surest way a living to earn.
  • That the Police Department including the Top Brass would serve and protect the public by delivering a service first class.

As humans we tend to lose sight of our goals, a few days or perhaps weeks into the New Year, and our direction becomes somewhat derailed. However, with the task that lies ahead it is important that all Guyanese seek after a better life, one which is productive and fruitful individually and to those round us. The issues to be faced are interconnected and interrelated, and as such require a comprehensive and joint approach (working together)—silo approaches are fruitless.

So to my fellow Guyanese all the best as you approach the New Year.  History is yours for both the making and the taking. Go Boldly Forth.

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  • erroldoris  On 12/27/2018 at 11:46 am

    We all need to forgive and forget without turning the other cheek.

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