Guyana: The PPP Presidential candidate and baggage – commentary

The PPP Presidential Elections by year end….

PPP- Freedom House

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  • guyaneseonline  On 12/23/2018 at 3:48 pm

    This editorial is part of a letter by GHK Lall, that was published in Stabroek News’
    Its content was truncated. Here is the rest of his letter that was headlined:

    No PPP, not another limp surrogate for the real power behind the throne

    As the selection process goes into high gear, the PPP brain trust (the constructive segment), and those mature people who still harbour some semblance of its original soul have several searing questions to face and answer in their deliberations.

    First, which single political figure during the party’s long tenure in office benefited the most, by and far, and hands down, from the fruits of the land?
    Second, which political citizen, no matter how it is endeavoured to conceal today, stands head and shoulders in terms of returns and the largesse of office?
    Third, which political prince in the fold, this same storied fold of lore and reality that resurrects the memory of their founder-leader when convenient, prospered mightily while the welfare of rank and file supporters sank to hitherto unplumbed depths?
    And, fourth, while the interests of the wider nation at large was frittered away among cronies and comrades in a criminal commercial cabal? And to the detriment of party, people, and nation.
    And when those questions have been filtered and faced frontally, then those casting ballots for their next presidential candidate, must look in the mirror of their minds, and ask: do I, do we want more of the same in the form of limp surrogates, of yet another pathetic proxy for the real power lurking behind the throne?

    Yours faithfully,
    GHK Lall


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