Commentary: The global revolt against fake democracy – By Jean H Charles

By Jean H Charles

Jean H Charles

As the year 2018 is coming to a close, we are watching in the world today what could be labeled the manifestations of a global revolt against fake democracy. As in two centuries earlier in 1789 and in 1803, two sister countries linked by a colonial past are leading the way, France and its former colony Haiti. Each weekend, the yellow vests, now supported by the students, are marching into Paris in force, demanding the end of this fake democracy that cares only for the wealthy citizens and leaves almost nothing for the middle and the working classes.

Haiti has been since October 6 and 7, 2018, the scene of violent revolts against a government that did not realize the status quo of scant respect for the mass poor could not continue as usual in a world where Facebook and Whatsapp is almost within the reach of everybody.        

In the United States, the Democratic Party that won a majority in the Lower Chamber of Congress will have to demonstrate in deed, no more in excellent narrative, that it is the party of progress, hope and change for the majority of the American citizens. It has been battling President Donald Trump, bruised by an ongoing investigation of alleged collusion with the Russians to gain the election. Yet Trump is presenting to the American people a bitter pill of nationalism against the feel good policy of the Democrats that brought no clear result in the past.

While decried by the press, the women and the minorities, Trump may have to stay the course and continue to lead the economy to a degree that it has not seen in the last 50 years. He will have also at the same time take the initiative to force the rest of the world to entertain a true nation building initiative so as to stop the continuous menacing caravan of Latino migrants at the door of Tijuana on this side of the Atlantic and the capsized boats of Africans migrants at the doors of Greece and Italy on the other side.

This is the ideological battle of the century. Who will win, who will lose? Will the forces that imposed upon us 60 years of fake democracy regain strength and defeat the nascent movement of real welfare for all? Or will the narrative of the pleurisies continue to gain more adepts to the ideologies of the status quo? Machiavelli, the father of real politick, taught us that it is very difficult to bring in a new world order.

The new order that the people of France or Haiti are trying to impose on their government and for the rest of the world to follow is the order of equality of possibilities for all, without distinction of race, sex or linear origin. I have shown in my last week’s essay, how the lack of education and formation for the majority of minorities is the culprit for the large scale of inequality between the people of the same nation.

This must be addressed with strength and vigor to create a world where harmony and peace will become the lot of each nation on earth. It has been done in the past for a selected few, leaving the masses in distress and in disharmony. They are now at the point where they are demonstrating their dissatisfaction with violence and continuous presence on the streets.

As we usher in 2019, this is excellent time or frightening time? I have seen the light at the end of the tunnel. Yet it is not visible for those who are still bathing in the pool of the feel good policy, the pool of the Obama phone or food stamp or fighting for TPS in the United States. It is not visible either for those who champion the policy of ti manman cherry in Haiti or a plate of food for the hungry one who will receive nothing else from the state to reach his full creative zenith.

The United States in its foreign aid policy, the United Nations with its stabilization projects, the European Community with its global aid initiatives must step out of their mini targets of development to engage into transforming countries into nations. Only a nation that stands on its own feet will care enough for its citizens to prevent them for becoming nomads in their own country and nomads in the rest of the world later. As such the universal migration crisis will be solved.

Trump’s determined policy of building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a natural reaction against the consequences of the fake democracy doctrine that refuses to go back to the roots of the problem and treats it at is origin. Angela Merkel, the European angel of the displaced migrants from Africa to Europe has been punished politically by her voters who claim they have enough of the dumping mode practiced by governments, those who send the migrants and those who receive them.

In the United States, will the massive investigation of the Russian meddling into the American election turns out to be a mountain giving birth to mice or will it destabilize one of the most stable nations on earth? The United States like the rest of the world is determined to arrive to the vision of Dr Martin Luther King spelled out 60 years ago in the sermon to the Hill. Will Donald Trump be given the chance to deliver on his campaign message: “I want to become the champion of the black minority, as such it will forget about its hostility towards my government”?

We are living in a world where the enormous expenses for international security caused by the Cold War are not justified. Russia that turned into the Federation of Russian states could have become a full satellite of the Western civilization if the right leadership was demonstrated from the past governments of Georges W Bush passing by Bill Clinton to Barack Obama.

Is Donald Trump on the good track as executive power gives him the upper hand for initiating a rapprochement with Russia, good for the United States and good for the rest of the world? An impartial judge will have to make the determination in separating the investigation issue from matter relevant to politics and matters relevant to polity. Was Donald Trump right in using the tool of friendship with Putin to de-ice the cold war because, after all, justice has no jurisdiction in matters of foreign initiative! After all the Republican government led by Richard Nixon 46 years ago initiated the rapprochement with China with a table tennis game arranged by Henry Kissinger!

Indeed we are living in exciting times that demand the contribution of thinkers and leaders who can go beyond the excitement of the tinkling of the feel good policy to enter into the hard realm of beatitude and universal harmony of countries transformed into nations! Peace and prosperity is within range if only we are not afraid to make the plunge into this new world order!

Jean H Charles LLB, MSW, JD, is a regular contributor to the opinion section of Caribbean News Now. He can be reached at
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