HOW  I  REMEMBER  CHRISTMAS …. IN GUYANA – By Royden V. Chan – 1980


—– By Royden V. Chan – 1980

I remember Christmas was

The season when Santa came

But somehow today it’s different

The spirit is not the same.


As soon as school was closed

There was excitement in the air

You heard the carols playing

And knew the time was near.


The streets were getting busy

With people shopping around

And masquerades were flouncing

All about the town.


You  sensed that festive thrill

With your home in disarray

Being cleaned from top to bottom

To sparkle on Christmas day.


I loved those special smells

Of new linoleum on the floor

And fresh paint and varnish

And new curtains from the store.


You felt the Christmas weather

And somehow you could tell

When those dull and drizzly days

Gave off that Christmas smell.


But you would only know for sure

That Christmas was almost there

When the garlic pork was made

And the sorrel and ginger beer


And the house was full of flavours

When mom began to bake

That juicy clove spiced ham

And lots of good black cake


And finally on Christmas Eve

When the Christmas tree was light

Our home transformed itself

Into such a magical sight.


With small change in my pocket

And my cap guns in my hand

I strolled along Camp Street

Eating nuts and apples and,


“Carbon tins” are firing

And guns are popping loud

And last minute shoppers

Are hustling among the crowd.


Carol singers are singing

And people are having fun

And I am sad, but tired

When the night is almost done.


But the greatest thrill of all

That final mystical event

When I hung my pillow case

And off to sleep I went.


And early on Christmas morning

The first thing I rushed to see

Were all those wonderful toys

That Santa had brought for me.


Then pepper pot and pickled onions

Walnuts and “Quality Street”

And the sumptuous Christmas dinner

We all sat down to eat.


I always remember Christmas Day

How special it was for me

My world was filled with joy

And peace and harmony.


I know these happy memories

Will remain for some years yet

That’s how I remember Christmas

And I just cannot forget.


Royden V. Chan – 1980

PDF copy: HOW I REMEMBER CHRISTMAS – Royden V. Chan 1980

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 12/12/2018 at 12:36 pm

    Royden, I share your happy Christmas memories.

  • Barbara  On 12/22/2018 at 2:32 pm

    Hi Bruds (Royden), I will never forget those days – but you know what?
    Everything you mentioned I always continue to do, I am about to go and separate my 30/35 pound Pepperpot, as I made it 3 nights ago, and the reheating everyday will shaclkle the meat, if I may say, it taste delicious,
    as claimed by my family and friends YUM YUM
    Garlic pork made
    Black cakes done
    Punch De Creme
    Pickle onions
    Ginger Beer to bottle tomorrow
    Sorrel to bottle tomorrow
    Ham to thaw and bake 24th
    Gifts in piles for families and friends strewn all over the floor
    All 8 live plants and Xmas tree lighted in the house and yard
    But as you said, the memories of the yearsGONE BYE are
    not the same as our days in GUYANA ( humble, BUT BEAUTIFUL
    Love, your Sis
    Much love to all our Family and Friends

  • walter  On 12/23/2018 at 10:09 am


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