Buxton- Friendship Museum Archives & Cultural Center – Donations Request

Friends of Villages Museum & Archives Inc.

(Supporting the Buxton/Friendship Museum Archives & Cultural Center)

P.O. Box 352, Lanham, Maryland USA 20768-0352

Email – friendsofvmainc@gmail.com  

501(c)(3) Organization – Tax ID# 82-1835070

    Happy New Year and best wishes for 2019.

On Saturday August 4th 2018, we culminated the end of one journey to open the  “Buxton /Friendship Museum, Archives & Cultural Center”  at 35 Edmund Ford Street,- Middle Street(Lower Level) in Buxton Village, East Coast Guyana, S.A.

The work is now beginning, as we look towards acquiring more artifacts  and archival materials.

For such a project , sustainability is paramount and we look towards to your continued support in preserving our history.

The launching and Grand opening was a huge success.

Please read  Sunday Aug 5th, 2018, Guyana, Stabroek News for more information.

“Thanks to all who have made contributions, sent congratulations and given their support in various ways to make the opening a success.” Look out for our Web Site coming soon”.

“Together we can make a difference and make all things possible” 

Keith Easton

President & Founder

                  Phone: (240)-601-3892                     


Download:  buxton museum sponsor letter jan 2019




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