Guyana: SARA investigating smuggled gold and corruption – A.G.

SARA seeking Brazil cooperation to recover revenue from smuggled gold – Attorney General …says agency has 12 cases with possible recovery value of over $2B

Basil Williams


He said there are another 12 cases with a possible recovery value of over $2 billion that are about 70% complete.
Williams also disclosed that SARA, working with NICIL, was able to have three pieces of Government property repossessed from delinquent leasees. He said two of these properties are again on the market and interested parties are prepared to pay 300% – 400% more than the previous tenants. The third piece of property was sold to the Guyana Revenue Authority for $60M.
“SARA, working with Ministries and Regions led to improved inventories of equipment and the repossession and reallocation of more than 30 buildings across the country,” Williams stated.

He said Government continues to have combatting corruption on the front burner and has been working to fight against all forms of corruption.
“Our policy is that corruption must be eliminated. This Government recognizes that corruption hinders economic growth and development and undermines public confidence in the administration. The Government therefore continues to strengthen its anti-corruption mechanisms and formulate strategies to ensure that all Guyanese, not some, can enjoy the good life,” Williams explained.
He said this year the Attorney General’s Chambers continued its anti-corruption sensitization seminars with teams visiting Region Three, Five and Seven.
Next year, there are plans to visit other regions.

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