The new model of maleness? – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam

The decline and disappearance of much needed masculinity is indicative of societal changes?

Permit me from an estrogenic perspective to pose the following question: What has happened to men today?  A rising tide of books, blogs, lectures, social media posts and magazine articles all point to the growing unmanliness, and whiny immaturity of current males. More and more males (men) are seen as fearful, weak, indecisive, effeminate, childish inept creatures, no longer sure of their proper role in society.

Terms such as wuss, sissy, snowflakes and others not suitable for print are terms we hear used to describe men, especially younger men. While this new model of maleness can be charged to men of all ages, the presenting evidence shows it is especially predominant among men in their 20’s and 30’s.    

On a brief biblical diversion let us take note of passages that bear on masculinity. King David of ancient Israel demonstrated aspects of the character and values of maleness that God values. God refers to David as “a man after my own heart” (Acts 13:22). On his deathbed David instructed

his son Solomon who would be the next king, to be strong and show yourself a man

(1 Kings 2:2). David’s life had been one of action, courage and boldness and he knew that his son should possess these same qualities in order to effectively lead the nation.  Sadly, today males are a far cry from the biblical nation.

The decline of maleness is widespread. Popular culture derides the limp handshake, yet a recent study shows this to be a growing reality—millions of men being unable to get the grip on things that men once had.  The results published in The Journal of Hand Therapy proclaimed that men’s hand strength has fallen drastically in decades.

The study conducted in North Carolina of nearly 250 men from millennial, Gen X and baby Boomer generations showed that hand strength, as measured by gripping force  has decreased significantly over the past  30years, as reported in the Waterloo Region Record on August 28, 2016. measurable lack of manliness continued with reports in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism of the plummeting testosterone levels.

Further evidence of the changing role of younger males can be seen in the steadily declining enrollments of college age males. Many sources verify what many college instructors know- that males are avoiding the classroom. While it is somewhat true that college is no longer seen as the sure thing to a successful career it once was, the converse also holds true that a nation’s leader s tend to come from the ranks of the more highly educated.  What does this say then about men’s roles as leaders of the future?

Entertainment is also on the podium of blame, as over the last 40 years there have been marked changes regarding the portrayal of men in television and other media. Missing in action are rugged male roles such as those portrayed in T.V Westerns (Gunsmoke, Bonanza), or portrayals of wise, caring, decisive fathers popularized in the 1960’s television programs such as Father Knows Best or Leave it to Beaver.  Regrettably, before the end of the 90’s those manly types were replaced by softer, gentler types, or roles that depicted men, especially fathers as lovable idiots, clumsy boneheads who without the input of their smart, efficient and decisive wives would unleash catastrophe in their own household.  The watchword was sensitivity—Out the door was John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Society is influenced by television and who knows to what extent various popular programs provided role models for today’s younger men. The question is at minimum worth a ponder.

Next up for shame and blame is the issue of gender neutrality.  One of our currently insidious evil is the widespread and tightly held belief              in educational institutions is that there are no marked differences in the mental and emotional make up of boys and girls. This falsehood has been devoured hook, line and sinker by modern education. Today in most school systems boys are subjected to brainwashing that commences as early as kindergarten that they should be more like girls and vice versa.  Author Christina Sommers in the most recent edition of her book- The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Young Men discusses how the myth of gender sameness works to methodically deny males the help they need to advance in an educational culture that is increasingly stacked against them.

To address the problem, the truth must be acknowledged: boys and girls are different.   In many educational and government circles it remains taboo to at least broach the topic of sex differences. Gender scholars and experts still stand their ground that the sexes are the same, and further contend that any talk of difference only encourages sexism and stereotypes.  Some carry this attitude to absurdly ridiculous lengths, for example the state of Wisconsin has a new law that seeks to indoctrinate kindergarten age boys about the dangers of toxic masculinity.  Boys are taught that there are no existing differences between the sexes and that what is of utmost importance is sensitivity training and a greater appreciation of the feminine side of life.

In schools everywhere across the nation, boys are taught that feelings of aggressiveness, assertiveness and decisiveness are all wrong.

Even the Good Book is crammed with examples of men who lived masculine lives. While a mere teenager David was not afraid to take on Goliath the giant. Was Jesus acting overly masculine when he overturned the tables of the money changers and drove them out of the temple?  There are many today who would say that He was definitely in need of serious sensitivity training.

It is apparent that the war against males is now far advanced and that the forces promoting it are close to declaring victory. Nowhere, not even in the Good Book filled with instructions for life’s survival, can support be found for the widespread modern belief that men need to be softer, more effeminate and more in touch with their inner child and similar absurdity.

In days long gone men were meant to be strong and showing masculinity was never wrong.

Now that marijuana is legal in Canada you see, soon testosterone in its natural state will be a rare and sought after commodity.  All males should not regard this as a ruse, for it is well known that you stand to lose what you do not use.

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  • Trevor  On November 25, 2018 at 4:04 pm

    A Canadian man once posted that a man has to act as gay as possible so as to not offend the feminist elite and empowered women who view masculinity as a hate crime.

  • Trevor  On November 25, 2018 at 4:07 pm

    I’ve also seen pictures where these same women from Canada who condemn and alienate men for being men….they are cheering on gay men who walk entirely nude at Toronto Gay Prides.

    It’s shocking that the hypocrites celebrate a gay man to reveal his genitalia to young children in public, but a man acting as God intended is attacked relentlessly by the feminist elite.

    In the UK, police chief Alison Saunders sought to make it a federal offense for men to approach women without their consent; so in other words, a street vendor who asks a woman if she would like to purchase any items from his store will be committing a grave infraction.

  • Trevor  On November 25, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    “Further evidence of the changing role of younger males can be seen in the steadily declining enrollments of college age males. Many sources verify what many college instructors know- that males are avoiding the classroom.”

    Are college males there avoiding college because of the Feminist movement?
    This is quite disturbing because riots are taking place at Canadian universities such as University of Toronto:

    Why are the women, who are mainly White, yelling at young men for attending a speech relating to male suicide? Why is one of the feminists slandering a young man by yelling to everyone that he’s a rapist?

    And to be concerned that Canadian NGOs are attempting to set up a Gender Rights department at UG?

    Are Canadian and American non-profits going to spread their toxic belief systems here in Guyana? I hope not. God will be angry at us if we support Baal worship and Jezebel.

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