GUYANA GOLD…. Real El Dorado Gold… and Dancing Girls video – By Vibert Lampkin

— By Vibert Lampkin

Shakira and Michael Caine 2014

I always knew that Guyana had beautiful women. After all we produced Shakira (Baksh) Caine, the wife of Sir Michael Caine, the well-known British actor. Let me tell you a little story – all true.

When I came to Canada in July 1967 I was President of Guyana Jaycees. I returned home in August to tie up some loose ends. The Guyana Jaycees were at that time running the Miss Guyana Contest. …….    I was asked to be a judge in the contest. I do not recall how many contestants there were but I chose Shakira as did the majority of the judges – I believe there were three or five judges. She was crowned Miss Guyana and represented Guyana at the Miss World Contest in London that year where she placed third.      

She remained in London to follow a modelling career. Michael Caine saw her in a Maxwell House coffee commercial and vowed that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. He had been married before in 1956 but that marriage had ended in divorce in 1962. Caine got Shakira’s telephone number and called her every day for ten days before she agreed to meet him. They were married in January 1973 and have one daughter.

Michael Caine was born Maurice Joseph Miklewhite. In July 2016 he changed his name by deed poll to his long-time stage name in order to simplify security checks at airports. A Customs Officer would say,

‘Hi Michael Caine’ and suddenly he would be giving him a Passport with the name Maurice Joseph Micklewhite. He could stand there for an hour explaining. So he changed his name. He is an ardent fan of cricket. Gary Oldman, who played the part of Winston Churchill in Darkest Hour, and who acted with Caine in Dark Knight Rises, talked about Caine’s acting methods: “It’s take one’. He got it. ‘Take two – got it’

‘Take three, got it’. He’s just on the money…. He doesn’t ‘f’ around because he wants to get back to cricket”.

In August 1975 Lorna and I visited London and stayed with my Uncle John Carter and his wife Sara Lou. He was then Guyana’s High Commissioner to London. One Saturday afternoon an Iranian Businessman and his Physician wife had us all over for tea at their home in Chelsea, London. Then – using their Bentley, rather than the Rolls Royce – they took us to dinner at Annabel’s on Berkeley Square. That is a members

only nightclub catering to an exclusive clientele such as the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, Aristotle Onassis and Frank Sinatra. Another couple joined us. There was dancing. The wife of that couple chatted with my Aunt Sara Lou,  saying she enjoyed seeing West Indians dance. She mentioned that she lived on Gloucester Square whereupon my Aunt said: “Oh, we have friends who live on Gloucester Square –

Michael Caine and his wife Shakira”. The woman turned up her nose and said: “I am talking about people who own property on Gloucester Square. Not of those who rent”. Although Michael Caine was already an international star, he had not yet attained his greatest success. That came in the 1980s and beyond. Today – we would (or used to when I was growing up) say in Guyana, ‘he could kick that woman and pay for her’.

Now there is a bit of trivia to counteract some of the bad memories of Jonestown Guyana, now ‘celebrating’ its fortieth year. I heard Jackie Speier’s interview this morning on the CBC. She had accompanied Congressman Ryan on the mission to Guyana to ascertain what was going on at Jonestown. She was shot five times and was sure she would die with the 911 people who were murdered including Congressman Ryan or committed suicide like Jim Jones in the jungle of Guyana on November 18, 1978.. She was 28 years old at the time. Her experience at Jonestown convinced her to work for the public good. She entered the political arena and

Actor Sir Michael Caine with his wife and his daughters


— Vibert Lampkin quote:

“”Dancing Girls” in Guyana is new to me. I did not see them in March when I visited. Chris Fernandes who took care of all our transportation needs skillfully kept them away from me “……. ( Here is a video he submitted with this article)

EL DORADO GOLD by Terry G Gajraj . MC Drew P . Bunty (Official Music Video)

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