Cultural Genocide: Canada’s Indigenous “Boarding Schools” – commentary

The Most Revolutionary Act

Canada’s Darkest Secret

Al Jazeera (2017)

Film Review

This documentary concerns Canada’s infamous “boarding schools,” a program for indigenous Canadian children started in 1876 by Canada’s first prime minister John McDonald. Under this system, native children were forcibly removed (and in some cases kidnapped) from their families to attend religious boarding schools. The goal was to forcibly totally separate the children’s from their families’ native language and culture.

The government wanted access to mineral deposits on treaty lands. Rather than going to war with their indigenous population, they stole their children to extinguish them as communities and nations.

The last boarding school closed in 1996.

Most of the film consists of interviews with boarding school survivors. They talk of being forbidden to speak their native language, harsh beatings for minor infractions, a continuous diet of mushy oatmeal, lack of heating in winter and frequent sexual abuse. The death rate for…

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  • stuartbramhall  On November 15, 2018 at 4:03 pm

    Thanks for reblogging.

  • Trevor  On November 17, 2018 at 2:51 am

    Whites will never stop murdering minorities. They now have the victim status of the feminist and batty movements to portray themselfs as victims.

    Using an example, a BT man play the victim by claiming their sexual orientation as a grounds of being discriminated:

    So-called White, gay peanut butter boy acts unruly to the so-called African taxi driver, and accuses the taxi driver of homophobia.

    Guyana needs no more of these Canadian and American nutcases here. The so-called white man and white women are Esau, a type of people who are easily led into demonic activities.

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