We want our country back – By Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

White NATIONALISTS in Charlottesville – Virginia – August 2017
Photo Credit: Vox (Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency)

We want our country back
rile white nationalists
goose-stepping through the streets
of Americaville
waving tiki torches
emboldened and blinded
by their chosen fuhrer
ruling in the White House.

Homo sapiens. Wise man. Where is the wisdom, our superior intelligence, when we know not that we know not? How soon we forget that we live on the ancestral lands of conquered Native Americans: over 500 tribes occupying these lands for more than 15,000 years. How soon we forget that the good life we have enjoyed for generations has come with the sacrifice of non-white bodies to the gods of greed, plunder, and dispossession.

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  • Trevor  On November 14, 2018 at 7:25 am

    White-dominated countries are getting scarier by the day. They are using violent tactics against legal immigrants and even local-born citizens who are not Caucasian. They are average citizens and contribute to the countries.

    Ironically, we as Guyanese are told that we should welcome the hundreds of thousands of mainly monied, and well-connected white expats who will displace us from our country, and likely to bring discrimination and racism that we have never seen before.

    I’m certain that if the victims of these white nationalists and their KKK-feminist counterparts started to fight back, the white nationalists would cry to the police.
    My brethren were lynched by angry mobs of white people in America, Canada and former colonies of the Caribbean.

    You can’t trust the White (Esau) race as they are even described in the Holy Bible as evil people.

    Now I’m waiting for the East Indian and Muslim to respond “but not all whites are bad people”, but they should take a look at the media back in the early 1900s how “colored” people were described.

    There was a time that even the liberal Macleans from Canada and New York Times were against us from having rights, and a story of a man from India being told to leave when he visited America around 1915.

    We must stop the bickering and division within Guyana as many of you of Asian origin would be treated like dogs if you ever went to your so-called “homeland”.

    I don’t have anything against anyone, but am against oppression.

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