The Journalist: Jamal Khashoggi made poor judgement – By Norman Datt

This reminds me of when teenagers move their lips
They lie, like the Saudis with’s tips
Why a famous journalist go there expecting no problem
Why would he go there and also go alone knowing them
He was about to get married his wife to be was out side
Maybe he could not wait to go on his honeymoon ride
Maybe he was caught up in a giddy in a love suspense
He lost his head that day and disappeared in their dens
You cannot deal with folks who spout venom to others
Stifled women using selective justice with their brothers
Its time the West spill the beans, forget about trade and money
Get the truth of the Kingdom of Silence and Jamal Khashoggi!
 Norman Datt
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  • Cyril Persaud  On November 8, 2018 at 7:07 pm

    Mr. Khashoggi was delusional and this tragedy will be forgotten real soon and that’s reality.
    Oil oil and more OIL $$$$$$.

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