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Guyana: There are jobs but the takers are few – By ADAM HARRIS

Guyana was once a country of carpenters, masons and other artisans. These people were in such number that the Caribbean countries reached out to them for their skills. Barbados, in particular, attracted numerous skilled Guyanese, to the extent that when the Barbados government clamped down on illegal Guyanese, their construction sector suffered.

To a man, Barbados acknowledged that Guyanese were among the most skilled in the region. I suspect that there has been a relaxation of the clampdown, because I am not hearing too many complaints from the Barbados construction sector.

However, this past week, there was the announcement that Guyana is desperately short of these very skilled artisans. Imagine, from the days when carpenters were a dime a dozen and masons could be found at every corner, Guyana is now complaining.      Continue reading

Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of BC (GCCABC) – Call for Volunteers

Guyanese Canadian Cultural Association of BC (GCCABC) is looking for volunteers, organizers, folks with ideas, helpers, funders and members of the community who would like to be more involved.   We’d love you to join us as we continue to work to do things within the community.   Would you have some time to help?

We’d appreciate help – even if you can only give a bit from time to time.   We work to provide events here in the Lower Mainland such as our May Independence Dinner and Dance, Canada Celebrations in Coquitlam, cultural events in the Caribbean community and December Potluck.       Continue reading

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