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Despite criticisms, UG prepares to bestow honorary doctorates on four Guyanese

University of Guyana

Guyanese pilot who escaped with two planes dies in Long Island crash

Munidat “Raj” Persaud

Technology: Critical Transformation of a Generation – By Yvonne Sam

A generation is learning from what they see- So adults must perfect models be.

By Yvonne Sam

My next door neighbor, who also hails from my native land, has two young sons, and although one is a tot and the other a baby I recently became concerned while interacting with them.  Unlike their parents whose concern may lie somewhere between teething and potty training, my biggest concern, strangely enough was how to keep cellphones out of their hands for at least the next fifteen years.  Yes, go ahead and exhale now.

Today kids and teenagers alike face an epidemic without a cure: screen time—–  and all its accompanying dysfunction, mental health problems and bad habits. The head-in-the-phone attitude is more than mere irritation.  Sad but true this behavior, seemingly harmless in itself can nevertheless determine whether or not a young person lives or dies.    Continue reading

Netherlands restores Guyana’s Dutch archive

Netherlands restores Guyana’s Dutch archive

Minister of Social Cohesion, Dr George Norton with conservation specialist Gabriela Beentjes – National Archives of the Netherlands

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Guyana, the former British Guiana, was a Dutch colony before it became a British possession in 1831 and, as a result, over half of Guyana’s National Archive is in Dutch. After an agreement between Guyana and the Netherlands to preserve and translate the Guyana Dutch Archive, which was in tatters, the final segment of the project was completed and handed over to Guyana two weeks ago.       Continue reading

Fraudulent Medical Schools: “Never Again”… says Barbados’ Prime Minister Mottley

Bridgetown (Guyana Guardian) – Angered by a massive fraud that spans from Guyana to Barbados to India and beyond, Prime Minister of Barbados Mia Mottley is moving to close down several offshore universities that are operating there, while insisting that she will be implementing new legislation that would make it relatively difficult for foreigners to go there and establish questionable offshore medical schools.

Referring to the Washington American University (a sister operation of the Guyana-based Alexander American University) that was operating in St. Phillip, and the recent arrest of its CEO, Venkata Rao Gopi, an Indian national who is also wanted in India in connection with hundreds of fraud reports, the Prime Minister said that “We are going to make sure that that draft legislation comes, because Barbados must never have this indignity again ….”.      Continue reading

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