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Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship first award at McMaster University. Hamilton. ON. Canada 

Mahatma Gandhi Scholarship first award at McMaster University. 

….. “Treat others as you wish to be treated”.

Photo: Adrianna Michell (in picture with Ram Sahadeo beside bust of Gandhi)

It’s a simple creed, but one that Ramnarine Sahadeo wishes more people would live by – which is why he’s established in 2017 a scholarship in the name of famed Indian independence leader Mahatma Gandhi who used nonviolent civil disobedience to fight British rule and inspired civil rights and independence movements around the globe.   Ramnarine Sahadeo (ramjihindu@rogers.com)

Born on the tiny island of Leguan, Guyana, just nine months before Gandhi was assassinated, Ramnarine credits this tiny, self-sufficient, multicultural community for exposing him to the closet example of what a society would look like if it practiced the principles of Sarvodaya – live in order to help others to live. In his retirement, this lawyer is actively researching the life of Gandhi, writing, reading and speaking about those universal principles that can improve the life of every individual who can make a significant contribution to any country they call home.     Continue reading

Profile: Jonathan Narain was a friend to all – By Dr. Dhanpaul Narine

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Masquerade Fete… by One Love Media – Toronto – October 27. 2018

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Buxton-Friendship Express Newsletter – October 2018

Fellow Buxtonians and Friends:

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Guyanese Actor & Comedian, Henry Rodney

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