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CSJAD Monthly Edition of ‘The New Road’ newsletter – September 2018

Download: CSJAD Newsletter -September 2018

Dear Colleague:

See attachment for CSJAD monthly edition of ‘The New Road’ newsletter. Kindly, read and share with relatives, friends and co-workers. I also invite you to submit articles for publication and or personal/family/organization information of upcoming events, anniversaries, graduation etc.

All in the struggle for a more peaceful and egalitarian Guyana

Be good!

Tony Jones
Executive Director

Centre for Social Justice and Development Inc. (CSJAD)

Website: https://sites.google.com/site/centresocialdevelopment/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/gtcsjad
Chairman- National Unity Commission

Organized and Responsible Citizen Power works – By Dave Martins

Organized and Responsible Citizen Power works

 – By Dave Martins

It is sometimes the case with the international events surrounding us that an occurrence in a distant country can have relevance for us, in completely separate matters, in our homeland. This week, we had a classic, indeed startling, example in the furor raging in the USA over the nomination of a judge for that country’s Supreme Court when accusations of sexual dalliance by the candidate, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, were raised by Dr. Christine Ford, which she says occurred when she and Kavanaugh, were both teenagers in school.

With the judge stoutly denying the accusation, the matter came before the Senate and, as various Senators spoke on the matter, a vexing issue that arose from various contentious points, was the call from Dr. Ford, and others, to have an FBI background check done on the issue.  This suggestion was dismissed by the Senate body and also ruled out as “this is not what the FBI does” by President Donald Trump.     Continue reading

Linden Fund USA – 2018 AGM Agenda – NY – October 6. 2018

Dear LFU members & supporters,

DOWNLOAD : Linden Fund USA – Agenda 2018 AGM – October 6. 2018

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