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News Americas : TOP HEADLINES FOR September 27, 2018

TOP HEADLINES FOR Sept. 27, 2018


Saying we believe before using the moral sieve – By Yvonne Sam

Saying we believe before using the moral sieve

By Yvonne Sam

Seeing that sexual abuse lies in the eyes of the beholder, only evidence that meets civil standards of proof can fairly decide what took place.

Recently while dining out, Senator Ted Cruz and his wife were unexpectedly confronted by a group of anti-racism activists, who

aggressively questioned the senator on whether or not he believed the three-decade-old sexual abuse allegations against , Judge Brett Kavanaugh, After being asked by one of the protesters, whether the senator believed survivors, the group then commenced singing in increasingly obstreperous tones, forcing the senator and his wife to hastily exit the restaurant.        Continue reading

Russian foreign minister to visit Guyana and Suriname; Bouterse and Granger to meet in December

Photo: (L-R) Guyana President David Granger (seated) with Foreign Ministers Carl Greenidge (Guyana) and Yildiz Pollack-Beighle (Suriname) in Jeddah

Russian foreign minister to visit Guyana and Suriname; Bouterse and Granger to meet in December

By Ray Chickrie – Caribbean News Now contributor – 

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, will make his first visit to Guyana and Suriname, and the president of Guyana, David Granger, will also visit Paramaribo in December for talks with his Suriname counterpart, President Desi Bouterse.      Continue reading

India top court upholds world’s largest biometric scheme – named Aadhaar

  • 26 September 2018 – BBC NEWS
An Indian woman poses with new 2000 rupee notes, her Aadhaar ID card and a finger inked with indelible ink after exchanging withdrawn 500 and 1000 rupee banknotes at a bank in Chennai on November 17, 2016GETTY IMAGES
Image caption – Indians will need the identity number to receive benefits from more than 500 welfare schemes

Aadhaar: India top court upholds world’s largest biometric scheme

India’s Supreme Court has ruled that the country’s controversial biometric identity scheme is constitutional and does not violate the right to privacy.

However the court limited the scope of the Aadhaar scheme, saying it could not be compulsory for bank accounts, mobile connections or school admissions.

The world’s largest biometric ID database covers welfare and tax payments and access to social services.

More than a billion Indians have already been enrolled.


Guyana: Towards an indigenous education – By Felician Medino Abraham

Guyana: Towards an indigenous education

 September 24, 2018 –   By Felician Medino Abraham

Felician Medino Abraham is from Santa Rosa Moruca. He holds a Masters in Society and Frontier from the Federal University of Roraima UFRR, Brazil in 2017, where he produced a study on the Wapichans’ experience of formal education.

The Wapichans of the South Rupununi region have a strong indigenous worldview,  supported by extensive use of the local language and strong cultural practices. This can be interpreted as a result of the relative lack of interest that the colonizers had towards indigenous peoples of the interior over the years (as opposed to the plantations on the coast). A belief that they were incapable of bringing any economic benefits – that they could not be profitable in a capitalist sense – meant that they were left to the care of the missionaries.      Continue reading

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