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Guyanese judge elated to be re-elected in Brooklyn NY

Guyanese judge elated to be re-elected

A Guyanese-born judge has expressed elation and fatigue about her re-election to another 10-year term on Brooklyn’s Civil Court.“I feel elated and tired,” Judge Ingrid Joseph told Caribbean Life in an exclusive interview over the weekend. “Elated at the fact that I was able to gain overwhelming support from the Brooklyn voters to re-elect me for another 10-year term.

“Tired because I worked very hard every day to meet and introduce myself to all members of the Brooklyn community at churches, civic and senior centers, community boards, block parties, street fairs, precinct council meetings, subway stations, and at community panel discussions,” she added.    Continue reading

Cosby Goes to Jail… Goes Directly To Jail

Envisioning The American Dream

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Despite his fame and fortune, Bill Cosby’s bad behavior spoke to the realities and pervasiveness of our rape culture, one which has long sanctioned and even encouraged this type of behavior for the ordinary man.

Sorry boys, game over.

Cosby has now been sentenced to at least 3 years in a state prison for sexually assaulting  Andrea Constand in 2004.

Led away in handcuffs, a judge has just denied 81-year-old Cosby bail and he headed to jail.

Our system is finally holding sexual abusers accountable no matter how powerful and no matter how long ago it occurred. The Republican claim that you can’t hold Kavanaugh responsible for what he did decades ago no longer holds true.

That “Get Out of Jail Card” may finally be played out.

#Believe Survivors

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