Future World: Demonetizing Everything: A Post Capitalism World | Peter Diamandis

HOW ABUNDANCE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD … Maybe if allowed to happen.

Published on Jul 21, 2017 – Singularity University Executive Chairman & Co-founder Peter Diamandis will share his views and predictions on the “demonetization of living” and how this shift will impact your life, your career, your organization, and the global economy.

See Some Comments below:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cXPWyP0BBs

KungFuChess   10 months ago

Must have decentralized and distributed public ownership of these technologies or we’ll all become slaves to these techno monopolies!


mads max    10 months ago (edited)

None of this is open source. All monopoly corporate owned with patents. .01% own more than half the money and resources in the world. So basically this guys vision relys on .01% of the human population doing the right thing. Lol. As they try to end net neutrality and wage endless wars while increasing the military budget by 700 billion and buying our democracy. Good luck, gunna be mad max movie if we dont take the power back. This vision is the future but it ain’t gunna happen if .01% own everything. If the future is corporate owned,


  WestOfEarth  8 months ago

Demonetizing everything seems possible, but currency itself is still useful. I empathize with Marx regarding his dislike of rent seekers. Those people in the middle who’s only ‘job’ is to skim a coin here and there as product moves from the producer to the consumer. The other hurdle will be eliminating interest-seeking. As Einstein is quoted as saying: “The most powerful force in the Universe is compounded interest.” Right now, so much productivity is going to pay compounded interest to those who do little to nothing productive. I mean one single bratty billionaire pretty much caused the Greek economic crisis when he refused to take a loss on his risking investment, and threw a temper tantrum in EU Central Bank board meeting about Greece. These people will not let go of interest-seeking quietly.

More comments at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cXPWyP0BBs

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