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University of Guyana Guild of Graduates, Ontario (UGGGO) responds to Freddie Kissoon’s articles

Dear Editor,  [Letter from Harry Hergash]

I write regarding Freddie Kissoon’s column “I am donating $10, 000 if you guess right”, Kaieteur News, September 16, 2018, and the follow-up column “The amount was $845 G”, Kaieteur News, September 17, 2018. The latter half of the first article relates to an award won by his daughter, Kavita Kissoon, at the University of Guyana. The second article continues to vent his feelings on the award.

In the first article Mr Kissoon writes “My daughter won a prestigious award for topping her class at UG in the second year as the best performer for that year in her programme. The award came from a reputable Guyanese organization in Canada attached to UG and has an ongoing functional relation with UG. If you guess close to the right amount, I will donate $10,000 to whatever purpose or cause you suggest… You will be shocked to know the figure. It was best to give the student a plaque or a book. But to give the student that amount was poisonously insulting. This is my only kid you are talking about. I am protective of her so why should I let some fools in Canada insult her.”         Continue reading

US Politics: Florida may be poised to get first black governor – By Mohamed Hamaludin

Florida may be poised to get 1st black governor

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum

Florida, America’s southernmost state whose history is full of oppression of Native Americans and enslaved Africans, could get its first black governor. Andrew Gillum, from the surging left wing of the Democratic Party, who is endorsed by self-styled Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders, is competing for the job against Ron DeSantis of the Republican Party, whom President Donald Trump has endorsed and whose campaign is dogged by allegations of racism.


The day after the Aug. 28 primary elections in which Andrew Gillum became the first African American nominee for Florida governor, his Republican opponent, Ron DeSantis, stated, “The last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.”        Continue reading

Report on: “One Love Media”- “1838: Brown Sugar – A Fundraiser for Children of Guyana” By Kemahl Khan

“One Love Media”, sponsors “1838: Brown Sugar – A Fundraiser for Children of Guyana”,

 For many years now in Guyana and some Caribbean countries (and even here in Toronto), there have been annual events recalling the first arrivals of indentured labourers from India and honouring their invaluable contribution to the sugar industry in the region.

“Sugar” was the theme of one such event hosted by the Toronto-based voluntary organization, “One Love Media”, on August 17, 2018 at the Rose Garden Banquet Hall in Etobicoke, Toronto. Ontario Canada   (See Guyanese Online Advertisement of the event here}

Billed as “1838: Brown Sugar – A Fundraiser for Children of Guyana”, the funds raised by this event are earmarked to assist, in particular, the children of the employees of Skeldon (Berbice, Guyana) Sugar Estate who are facing economic hardships and whose incomes have been severely impacted by the closure of the estate at the end of 2017.    Continue reading

Guyana, Trinidad sign Energy Agreement- President Granger: “There is no sell-out here”

Guyana, Trinidad sign Energy Agreement-Granger:There is no sell-out here– Rowley: We need to stop talking and start doing – T&T may store oil; maintain and help develop related facilities

President Granger and PM Rowley of Trinidad

Photo: President David Granger and Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago,
Dr. Keith Rowley, during the press conference shortly after signing a
Memorandum of Understanding on the Energy Sector Cooperation.

President David Granger yesterday insisted that an Energy Agreement with Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), a sister CARICOM state, is no sell-out.

The Head of State gave this assurance at State House, shortly after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Energy Cooperation between the two states.
T&T’s Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley is leading a two-day visit here.             Continue reading

Sexual Assault, Senators. Similarities and the U.S Supreme Court – By Yvonne Sam

By Yvonne Sam – Commentary

After the “she said” “he said” Will the nomination go ahead? 

Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Give it to America and her reputed brand of politics—– never short of actors or characters, especially with the stage in Washington perpetually poised as politicians gerrymander under a canopy of feigned candor. Now the likely Supreme Court nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh is the latest in the middle of a maelstrom of Beltway politics.

The latest accusatory actress to enter the political dictionary of Washington with the names of others such as Anita Hill, is Christine Blasey Ford 51, who claims that Kavanaugh attacked her during a high school party in Maryland during the 1980’s when she was 15 years and Kavanaugh 17.            Continue reading

Religion: How an ancient Islamic holiday became uniquely Caribbean

How an ancient Islamic holiday became uniquely Caribbean

Hosay procession in St James Trinidad. Nicholas Laughlin, CC BY-NC-SA

By Ken ChitwoodUniversity of Florida

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad — A throng of Trinidadians line up along the streets of St James and Cedros to admire the vibrant floats with beautifully bedecked models of mausoleums. Their destination is the waters of the Caribbean, where the crowds will push them out to float.

This is part of the Hosay commemorations, a religious ritual performed by Trinidadian Muslims, that I have observed as part of the research for my forthcoming book on Islam in Latin America and the Caribbean.

What fascinates me is how a practice from India has been transformed into something uniquely Caribbean.

Re-enacting tragedy             Continue reading

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