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Guyana: Brickdam East – Walk with me from Cuffy Statue to Camp Street – video by Raphael

Guyana: Brickdam East – Walk with me from Cuffy Statue to Camp Street – video by Raphael

Georgetown Guyana: Walk with me from the east end of Brickdam to Camp Street. Brickdam now has the largest number of government buildings and corporate offices which makes it a contender for most important street in Georgetown and perhaps all of Guyana.

GCA honours 90-year-old, Dharmaaacharya Pandit Ramlall at the 2018 Awards Ceremony

90-year-old Guyanese honored at GCA Awards

Award recipients with GCA plaques, citations and certificates.

The Guyana Cultural Association, New York, on Wednesday, August 28, honored 90-year-old, Dharmaaacharya Pandit Ramlall Ji, a priest and scholar, who pioneered the Phagwah and Diwali parades in Queens.

He was among a group of gifted, accomplished Guyanese, at the 2018 Awards Ceremony at Brooklyn Hall, on Joralemon Street.     Continue reading

New Amsterdam: Guyana’s oldest town celebrates 127 years

Guyana’s oldest town celebrates 127 years

Old Photo of New Amsterdam

New Amsterdam which is Guyana’s oldest town is presently celebrating its 127th anniversary.

The town which is located about five miles from the mouth of the Berbice River on its eastern bank is situated at the confluence of the Berbice and Canje Rivers. New Amsterdam became a town exactly 100 years before it became a Municipality and has so far had 66 Mayors.

About 1733, the name New Amsterdam was given to a little village that sprang up around Fort Nassau about 56 miles up the Berbice River. This name was chosen because most of the shareholders were from the province of New Amsterdam in Holland.   Continue reading

Santa Aratack also known as Santa Mission …A tranquil slice of destination Guyana + videos

Santa Aratack …A tranquil slice of destination Guyana

Santa Aratack also known as Santa Mission is a community located up the Kamuni Creek, a tributary of the Demerara River in Region Three.
Located 25 miles from the capital city, Georgetown, the village is only accessible by boat and the ride allows visitors to enjoy the lush vegetation along the creek.
The village was founded by Alfred Patterson in the mid-1800s. Patterson had stumbled on the location during his hunt for wallaba trees.

Taking a dip in the Kamuni Creek

With its sandy landscape surrounded by the cool waters of the Kamuni Creek and dense forest Santa Aratack is also well known for the Kamuni Women Craft shop, where tourists can purchase a wide range of Indigenous art and craft.
There are two famous landmarks in the community: a monument representing the former Toshaos and the popular ‘Kamaka’ – a silk cotton tree whose roots are said to extend throughout the entire village.    Continue reading

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