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US Politics: Ruling Republicans know exactly what they have in Trump as president – BY Mohamed Hamuludin

In the U.S., ruling Republicans know exactly what they have in Trump as president


President Donald Trump

The unnamed Trump Administration senior official whom The New York Times allowed to write a commentary without giving his or her name did no favors for the American people, as the writer claims. Neither did the newspaper.

To be sure, the New York Times knows the identity of the writer and it is pretty clear did not have an ulterior motive other than to add to the debate on the Donald Trump presidency. But that contribution would have been more effective with a name on the column. It is quite possible that The Times was also playing catch-up with The Washington Post which, just a day earlier, published excerpts from Bob Woodward’s latest book, Fear-Trump in the White House, which was still to be released.       Continue reading

“Thank You Canada” – Robert Meadows (Circuit Court Judge, Florida)

GUYANA: Let’s go south of the Kanuku Mountains – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Let’s go south of the Kanuku Mountains – by Francis Quamina Farrier 

Here in Guyana, September is observed as “Amerindian Heritage Month”, or to be politically correct, “Indigenous Heritage Month“. And September is also a special month for Native Americans – the North American cousins of Guyana’s Indigenous Peoples. That was told to me by a Native American Elder when I interviewed him, while on one of my visits to the awesome Museum of the American Indian, located in Washington, DC, in the United States of America.

At this time in September 2018, I invite you to come with me south of the Kanuku Mountain range, which divides the North and South Rupununi Savannahs in Region 9 of the country. I know this area of our beautiful country reasonably well, having gone there on many occasions over a fifty year period and has decided to share a few of my own experiences with you.          Continue reading

Nuclear Plants, Toxic Waste Sites Under Threat as Hurricane Florence reaches the Carolinas

by Jon Queally, staff writer
With reports of skyscraper-likes waves out at sea, the potential for historic coastal surges and rainfall, and severe threats to vulnerable nuclear plants and other industrial waste sites—a behemoth Hurricane Florence is fast-approaching the southeastern U.S. coast on Wednesday as weather experts and emergency management officials intensifying their warnings about the dangers the storm poses.
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