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Much ado about Blackness – By Yvonne Sam

Much ado about Blackness

By Yvonne Sam

In order for the youth and obviously ignorant among us to be aware of how Black people have been abused, marginalized and arrested for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, we often instruct them to open a history book.  This is in addition to viewing documentaries, the Internet, visiting museums and even talking to living and breathing people, who remember the bad old days of racism and segregation. Sadly the group of folks who witnessed first -hand some of these injustices, where Blacks could live, worship, marry, attend school, work, and be denied the right to vote are on the verge of making the transition.          Continue reading

In Defense of NYT’s Anonymous: – ByDaniel J. Rosenthal | Just Security

In Defense of NYT’s Anonymous:

Government “Stewardship” as a Guard Against Threats to Democratic Order

Daniel J. Rosenthal | Just Security

Revelations in both Bob Woodward’s forthcoming book Fear and the op-ed by an anonymous “senior administration official” published by the New York Times lend credence to President Donald Trump’s repeated concerns. 

The president has many times referred to a “deep state” within his government that is failing to faithfully discharge its responsibilities to implement his policy pronouncements and that is instead throwing up roadblocks and otherwise thwarting his vision of progress under his Administration.       Continue reading

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