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News Americas – TOP HEADLINES for August 24, 2018

The Greatest Disappointment of the Trump Presidency – James Fallows | The Atlantic

The Greatest Disappointment of the Trump Presidency

The institutional fabric of the United States has proven more tenacious and resilient in responding than many feared. The Republican Congress has not.

James Fallows | The Atlantic

In late January 2018, 12 months into the Donald Trump era, the military scholar Eliot Cohen looked back at an assessment he had written for The Atlantic in late January 2017, soon after Trump was sworn in.

In his second piece, Cohen pointed out that for most writers, most of the time, the prospect of revisiting old works of journalistic analysis is uninviting.

Journalism is the process of offering the best interpretation you can by deadline time. By definition, you know more when you look back than you did when you were hammering away to meet the deadline.      Continue reading

Commentary: Re-thinking “solo motherhood” – By Akilah Holder

Commentary: Re-thinking “solo motherhood” – By Akilah Holder

I toyed with the idea of “solo motherhood” some years ago, that is, the idea of choosing to be a single mom. I considered asking a close male friend of mine to father my child, and tell him that he would have no obligation whatsoever to be involved in the child’s life. Well, he’d be involved as much as he wanted to.

I considered this because I have watched female relatives get hurt, friends get hurt, put up with the foolishness of guys I dated, so that I figured it was the best thing for me. And furthermore, I like my personal space, so I knew enough then about relationships to worry that being married would be a bother.


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