Guyana: Feasibility studies for new Wismar Bridge, Parika stelling and Lethem airport

Guyana: Infrastructure Development:

Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge

The Government of Guyana of Guyana has announced three major projects to enhance the country’s transport system, including a brand new terminal building at Parika.

According to notices running in the Kaieteur News in recent weeks, there are three projects that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is interested in – the Parika stelling, East Bank Essequibo; the Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge in Region 10 and the Lethem Aerodrome, Region Nine.

According to the Government, it has received financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in an amount equivalent to US$4,367,000 towards the cost of the Transport Sector Enhancement Project.      

Part of the monies will pay for contracts under the project.

The consultancy assignments to be procured under the project is the conducting of a feasibility study and preparing detailed designs for the construction of a new bridge at Wismar; conducting a feasibility study and preparing detailed designs for the upgrade of the Lethem Aerodrome and conducting a feasibility study and preparing detailed designs for the construction of a new stelling at Parika.

It is expected that these will be procured during the period August 2018 and January 2019.

At Parika, it is the intention for both waterfront and landside works. The project will include building a new terminal building, docking facilities and associated infrastructure works.

The Public Infrastructure Ministry had announced toilets and stalls, among other things.

The Parika stelling is a water gateway for Bartica, Region Seven, Upper Essequibo River, the islands that dot the river, and Essequibo Coast, Region Two.

While there have been some refurbishments to the wharves where the ferries dock, in the last few years, the stelling has been falling apart, with hundreds of persons and vehicles using the facilities daily.

The duration of the consultancy is for 10 months.

With regards to the Lethem Aerodrome, the objective of the consultancy is to conduct a feasibility study and to prepare detailed designs, drawings, cost estimates and bid documents for design workers for the upgrade of the Lethem Aerodrome to an appropriately specified airport.

The duration of the assignment will be for a period of 12 months.

The airport will be key to the improvements in Region Nine. With a bridge at Takutu River, linking the country, Lethem has been named a town and there are ongoing developments for commercial zones, among other things, with eyes being cast for increased trade with Brazil.

The new bridge at Wismar, Region 10, will take eight months.

The almost 50-year-old bridge is falling apart with the alarm sounded last year about its deteriorating condition. The structure connects Wismar and Mackenzie. The bridge is a critical gateway to the hinterland.

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