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Third Annual National Anti-Violence Candlelight Vigil – September 9. 2018

Vigil Letter: Third Annual National Anti-Violence Candlelight Vigil – Sunday September 9. 2018

Guyana: Feasibility studies for new Wismar Bridge, Parika stelling and Lethem airport

Guyana: Infrastructure Development:

Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge

The Government of Guyana of Guyana has announced three major projects to enhance the country’s transport system, including a brand new terminal building at Parika.

According to notices running in the Kaieteur News in recent weeks, there are three projects that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is interested in – the Parika stelling, East Bank Essequibo; the Wismar/Mackenzie Bridge in Region 10 and the Lethem Aerodrome, Region Nine.

According to the Government, it has received financing from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) in an amount equivalent to US$4,367,000 towards the cost of the Transport Sector Enhancement Project.       Continue reading

Guyana Unity Movement (NY) donates school supplies to children at Soesdyke

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Doris Rodney, Sherif Barker-Fraser, Genet Webster, Volda Buce, and Rothschild Grant-Sturt are pictured with children of Soesdyke Village, EBD, Guyana.

Guyana Unity Movement, New York, donates school supplies

Hundreds of children packed the A1 Banquet Hall in the village of Soesdyke, on the East Bank of Demerara, Guyana, from early, on Friday, Aug. 17, to receive gifts of school supplies thanks to donations obtained by members of the Guyana Unity Movement, New York, (GUM). The members traveled to Guyana to ensure every child left the venue with backpacks of coloring books, pencils and crayons. Gift vouchers, were also handed out.      Continue reading

Golf: Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson confirm high-stakes match

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson confirm high-stakes, winner-takes-all match

  • Mickelson: ‘Bet you think this is the easiest $9m you will make’
  • Earlier in day, Woods said he thought he ‘was done’ in 2017
Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods will face off over Thanksgiving weekend in a unique showdown dubbed simply ‘The Match’.
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