CSJAD – Centre for Social Justice and Development Inc – August 2018 Newsletter

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    We allowed Jagdeoo: We are now……2   Just my opinion. …….3  President’s rebuke on Blacks…….4          EU-OECD have Caribbean………..5   Facing the facts…………..6   Voicing concerns……….8 Upcoming events……….9  
    Lack of capacity to audit ExxonMobil’s pre-contract cost…
    By: Adam Harris A war with the teachers may be pound foolish
    A well-known Chartered Accountant has questioned the statements made by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan regarding the lack of capacity to audit the pre-contact cost submitted by ExxonMobil. “That is the most astounding admission of incompetence to have emanated from this government. If you can’t audit US$460M how are you going to be able to audit US$4B? Who did Mr. Jordan consult to know that the country does not have the capacity?”
    By: Chris Ram         
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