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A Troublesome Man by Stella Bagot – Reviewed by Rosaliene Bacchus

Three Worlds One Vision

Front Cover - A Troublesome Man by Stella Bagot

Front Cover of A Troublesome Man by Stella Bagot

In her authorized biography, A Troublesome Man: About the life of Dr. Ptolemy Reid, Prime Minister of Guyana, 1980-1984, Stella Bagot records Dr. Reid’s account of his journey from childhood to his entrance into political life. It’s an engaging and inspiring story of a poor village boy who, with determination and persistence, overcame the obstacles along each step of his journey.

Ptolemy was born on May 8, 1918, the youngest of five siblings, in Dartmouth Village on the Essequibo Coast of then British Guiana. He lost his father to pneumonia when he was ten years old. To contribute to the family’s income, he worked on their farm plot, in the sugarcane fields, and with local fishermen. His school attendance suffered.

On completing primary school at sixteen, Ptolemy pursued employment as a pupil teacher. Five years later, he took two years…

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GUYANA RUSSIAN DISCONNECTION – By Verian Mentis-Barker – XpressBlogg

GUYANA RUSSIAN DISCONNECTION – Keeps you thinking – By Verian Mentis-Barker – XpressBlogg

Amidst the clicking by the paparazzi and the clinking of the glasses- maybe of vodka- President Granger made some cordial comments about Guyana and Russia collaborating in culture and Education and Patrice Lumumba/ Friendship University.

“Guyana iterates its appreciation for Russian support for debt relief and disaster relief, he went on, then, we are pleased with the recent conclusion of a Treaty to guide our basic relations and with the signature of agreements relating to visa waivers”.

Debt disaster relief … visa waivers…what??   ………………………………        Rewind…              Continue reading

Aretha Franklin Greatest Hits 2018 – Best of Aretha Franklin – Top 30 Songs of Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin Greatest Hits 2018 – Best of Aretha Franklin – Top 30 Songs of Aretha Franklin

Guyana: A COI is needed into our Driver’s Licence system – By Leonard Gildarie

A COI is needed into our Driver’s Licence system

Leonard Gildarie

As I get older, I worry about what happens next. More importantly, my pension seems to be growing in importance in what I may need. I realize now that my NIS and old age pension alone may not cut it.

I believe, and that is my personal thing, that many Guyanese don’t think that far ahead. In the past, we had our children and grandchildren. That was the time when our elders were treasured.

Today, times have changed. Many seniors are living by themselves, many of them scraping. I have written about this before.
As we move to oil, we are hoping that pensions become a priority to future governments. There is a debate raging now about whether the oil monies should be given as cash handouts to our people or be invested in infrastructure and other programmes.    Continue reading

UNHINGED—A Look beyond the Book – By Yvonne Sam

UNHINGED—A Look beyond the Book.

By Yvonne Sam

The author has put to the test what she learnt from the best.

While her book may not be news her behavior certainly is. Omarosa Newman is doing no great favour for Black Americans or for that matter Blacks the world over.  The truth be told she can do herself a personal favour— –get hinged and quit while she’s slightly ahead. The former White House Staff member, learnt from the best as she once belonged to the lair of liars, and her recently released book UNHINGED—An Insider’s Account of the Trump’s White House, is written testimony of mastered skills.

The tell all mea culpa memoir paints a damning picture of President Trump, his habitual use of anti-black epithets, and claims the existence of tapes with him uttering the N-word as he filmed  the reality series– The  Apprentice on which she was a serial contestant.       Continue reading

World’s Largest Study: Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

Guyanese Alumni Associations: Challenges and Role in Sustainable Development – By Lear Matthews 

Reflections on Guyanese Alumni Associations: Challenges and Role in Sustainable Development

By Lear Matthews 

Lear Matthews

If we all do our best within our means given the strength of our numbers, the Alumni’s Mite, with a bit of munificence could prove to be the Alumni’s Might. – (Dr. Jacob Bynoe)

Alumni Associations represent an important dimension of Diaspora engagement efforts. They have not been given much attention despite the increase in number among Caribbean immigrants and their significant contributions to the home country. Their history, achievements, challenges and role in sustainable development will be explored.

Immigrant Alumni Associations are part of a body of organizations called Hometown Associations (HTA). Among the pioneers in Guyanese Alumni Associations since the early 1980’s are Tutorial High School, Bishops High School, and Queens College. Like most Caribbean HTAs, they are formed in cities such as New York, Atlanta, Toronto and London where a large number of the Diaspora resides. There are more than 400 Guyanese immigrant HTAs in North America and the major services provided to their respective home country are in the areas of education, community development and healthcare.             Continue reading

CSJAD – Centre for Social Justice and Development Inc – August 2018 Newsletter

 Download: CSJAD New Road Newsletter – AUGUST 2018

  • Within This Issue
    We allowed Jagdeoo: We are now……2   Just my opinion. …….3  President’s rebuke on Blacks…….4          EU-OECD have Caribbean………..5   Facing the facts…………..6   Voicing concerns……….8 Upcoming events……….9  
    Lack of capacity to audit ExxonMobil’s pre-contract cost…
    By: Adam Harris A war with the teachers may be pound foolish
    A well-known Chartered Accountant has questioned the statements made by Minister of Finance, Winston Jordan regarding the lack of capacity to audit the pre-contact cost submitted by ExxonMobil. “That is the most astounding admission of incompetence to have emanated from this government. If you can’t audit US$460M how are you going to be able to audit US$4B? Who did Mr. Jordan consult to know that the country does not have the capacity?”
    By: Chris Ram         
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