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Guyanese Associations: Canal Two Silver Reunion in New York – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Canal Two Silver Reunion in New York – by Francis Quamina Farrier

Francis Quamina Farrier

Have you ever taken a drive along the Canal #2 Public Road all the way to the very western end?  And have you ever stood on the West Bank Demerara Public road, backing the koker at Stanleytown, at the eastern end of the Canal #2, and gazed westward as it stretches from where you stood into infinity?

And have you ever wondered how those enslaved Africans were able to dig that lengthy canal, almost with their very bare hands? There are some Guyanese who have done so and realize that it took very hard work in constructing and developing the massive Drainage and Irrigation infrastructure on Guyana’s Coast-lands during the era of slavery.

This Silver Anniversary of the Canal #2 Reunion in New York, “Provided a great opportunity to reunite the village people, families, friends and neighbours together for the day at the park”, a happy George Nanand related, adding, “It is also a great occasion for us to celebrate, gratitude and reflection”.

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Aretha Franklin, ‘the queen of soul’, dies aged 76 – articles and videos

Aretha Franklin, ‘the queen of soul’: Regarded as one of the greatest singers of all time, dies aged 76

The great American soul singer Aretha Franklin has died at the age of 76, her representative has said. She was reported to have been gravely ill with her family at her bedside.

St. Rose’s Alumni USA- Appreciation Day – Jamaica NY – August 30, 2018

Download: St. Rose’s Alumni USA- Appreciation Day -August 30, 2018

Guyana: Queen’s College boy tops 2018 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate [CSEC]

QC boy challenges self to become 2018 top CSEC performer

Aug 17, 2018 – Kaieteur News

Christian Pile – tops NGSA 2018

In 2013, Christian Pile, then a pupil of Mae’s Under-12, was the second most outstanding performer at the National Grade Six Assessment [NGSA]. Today he will be named the country’s top performer at the level of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examination [CSEC].

Christian, a student of the country’s premier educational institution – Queen’s College, was able to secure 19 grade one passes at this year’s sitting of the Caribbean Examinations Council [CXC]-administered CSEC examination.

He will be able to stand proudly among other top national performers when the Ministry of Education announces the results today at a forum planned for the Kingston, Georgetown National Centre for Educational Resource Development [NCERD].  Continue reading

America Does Not Need Another Tape to Know Who Trump Is – by Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

America Does Not Need Another Tape to Know Who Trump Is

A recent memoir from a former White House aide, Omarosa Manigault-Newman, has reignited interest in the possibility of a recording in which the president employs a racial slur for black people.

Adam Serwer | The Atlantic

In 1993, The New York Times published an article headlined “Rap’s Embrace of ‘Nigger’ Fires Bitter Debate”. It’s not a word likely to find its way into headlines today.

Sometime in the past 25 years, using that word became the only proof of racism that much of the country is willing to accept. Today, the dividing line is hard to find, but one pivotal moment came during the O. J. Simpson trial, as Simpson’s defense team fought to get a tape of Los Angeles Police Detective Mark Fuhrman using the word admitted as evidence. Fuhrman had previously denied using the word in the past decade; the defense tracked down a recording of Fuhrman using it in conversation with a scriptwriter who was working on a film about the LAPD.       Continue reading

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