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Family—A View Anew – By Yvonne Sam

Family—A View Anew – By Yvonne Sam

Family is not only defined by last name or by blood  but also by love.Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family

It is so blatantly apparent that many of our people in the Black community have forgotten the meaning of family.  The meaning that our grandparents and their parents understood. Each and everyone of us can sit back and relate,“I remember when” stories. However, what are we doing to bring the “when” of yesterday into our families of today?

Are we too busy? Is the concept of family outdated or unimportant?  Or are we taking for granted that loved ones will always be there. For a nano second let us not forget that family is not defined only by last name or by blood but also by love. Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you family.       Continue reading

Guyana Cultural Association of Montreal – 51st Anniversary Gala- September 8, 2018

Download Flyer: Guyana Cultural Assoc of Montreal – Gala- 2018

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