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Linden Fund USA – 4th Annual Tea Party – Brooklyn NY – August 18. 2018

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Guyana: Reparations for Slavery: Afro-Guyanese deserve 15,000 square miles of territory

Afro-Guyanese deserve 15,000 square miles of territory as partial compensation for enslavement; law being drafted for African land rights

Photo: Chairman of the Guyana Reparations Committee, Eric Phillips and Retired Rear Admiral, Gary Best.

The Guyana Reparations Committee is drafting legislation to allow Afro-Guyanese to secure a percentage of Guyana’s territory as compensation for slavery in the same way that Amerindians have been legally guaranteed land rights, a move Retired Rear Admiral Gary Best supports.

“I believe that unless the State acknowledges its responsibility, we’ll only be looking towards the external reparations which is financial reparations but within the country itself, I think Guyana owes its own people to allocate a portion of land both onshore and offshore reparatory justice to the people of Guyana,” Best said.


 CSJAD New Road Newsletter – JULY 2018

Download: CSJAD New Road Newsletter – JULY 2018

Guyana: “MEMORIES” – A Short Story By Royden V Chan

Download: “MEMORIES”- A Short Story By Royden V Chan

UBUNTU – “I am because we are” – an African story

Barbados Improvements Part 3: Agriculture – Future products

Guyanese Online – Editor’s Note:

Many of these ideas could be applied to Guyana, where there is a declining sugar industry and ample land and water available.

Barbados Underground

Submitted by Freedom Crier

Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) & Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera)

Investigate the production (oil palm) as the replacement for sugar cane production including on hilly or semi-arid lands. The infrastructure that we have in sugar plantations is the same as required for this type plantation crop and we have an oil processing plant in Barbados i.e. Roberts Manufacturing. Just a small amount of retooling is necessary. The by-products of Oil Palm production EG: palm kernel meal can be utilised and be consumed as chicken feed, cattle, sheep & goat feed, instead of the importation of feed and feed stocks. The soya bean stock that is imported now to make Oil, Margarine, etc. could be a thing of the past. Palms grow well in Barbados from coconut to ornamental palms. It is easy to include/change to Oil Palm & Date Palm if feasible and the topography and…

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