– July 29, 2018 – By Verian Mentis-Barker

What would be the crime, I wonder, if we were to say we were giddily pleased with the Coalitions efficient and effective Government, that they are negotiating geniuses, that their opportunity to revisit the Oil Contract with Exxon resulted in them obtaining the best possible terms with the companies bringing the crude to the surface;

  • and say matters not that the 600 blocks of oil Janet gave to Exxon-Mobil was not challenged by the Coalition re-negotiators as an irregularity by a sophisticated investor, when the Exxon knew 60 blocks was the norm and didn’t rebuff Janet’s largesse;
  • but say that Jagdeo must be out of his mind to admonish what he sees as Guyanese ingratitude to Janet whose gifting of 10 times as many blocks to the artful Exxon is the proximate reason that Guyana is now the oil find of the era….


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