PPP Presidential Candidacy… Ramson broke with Party tradition – Jagdeo

PPP Presidential Candidacy… Ramson broke with Party tradition – Jagdeo

PPP Member, Charles Ramson

Attorney-at-Law, Charles Ramson Jr. may have offended the most powerful force in the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C)—Bharrat Jagdeo.

Yesterday, this newspaper carried an article that highlighted the young lawyer’s ambition to lead the PPP/C into victory come General and Regional Elections in 2020. However, Jagdeo said that this is not the way PPP/C does things. This was emphasised at a press conference he held yesterday at his Church Street Office.     

Speaking about Ramson’s announcement, the Opposition Leader said, “We have a way of approaching these matters (presidential candidacy). This is a departure from that approach that we have always used in the past. It is a departure, but, maybe the person thinks that this (way) best suits his purpose. But the party will meet and discuss this too.”

Kaieteur News understands that Jagdeo has other choices of presidential candidate in keeping with the working relationship he has with respective members of the party. Those potential candidates, he disclosed, are following the rules. Two days ago, Kaieteur News contacted at least two former Ministers who would like to be candidates, but they refused to go on the record. One source within the PPP said, “They are afraid of how BJ may react. We all have our preferences, but they are depending on his support.”

The media asked Jagdeo yesterday if he sees Ramson as a Presidential Candidate, but he refused to answer directly.
“I am not going to assess any candidate at a press conference. I will do so at the appropriate place, when the Central Committee meets. I will share my view then.”

Jagdeo continued, “As I said before, everyone who believes that he or she has qualities…they can run. And, frankly speaking the bar has been set so low by this Government, every PPP presidential candidate would make a better president than the one we have now.”

Also, during his opening statement, Jagdeo said that the one quality the PPP ensures is held by a Presidential candidate is modesty. Jagdeo said that the only “other” person the PPP had with a big ego was Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo. He said that no one’s ego in the PPP can compare to Nagamootoo. “The biggest ego in the PPP is small to Nagamootoo’s.”

The former President was asked if he thinks Ramson might “jump ship” if rejected.

Jagdeo responded, “Ramson is a party member and I am sure he recognizes that if he does not get what he thinks he is eligible for, he will support the candidate who emerges out of that process. So I have no fear that Ramson will jump ship. Jump to what… a sinking ship? I do not think he is so stupid. He sees our ship as very buoyant.”

In yesterday’s newspaper, Ramson was quoted saying that Guyana needs high-quality leadership. “This means leadership that exudes integrity, passion and vision. This would also mean leadership that is technically sound across many key disciplines like oil, economics, business and law… and, leadership which understands the meaning of family and having families of their own.”

The oil and gas consultant said that he thinks he fits the bill of what Guyana needs.

Ramson noted that he has familiarized himself with all arms of the State. Being a lawyer for the last 10 years, he understands the judicial system. As a former Member of Parliament, he understands the legislative arm. He boasted of working at Office of the President during the reign of former President, Donald Ramotar, so he has a fair understanding of the executive.

(See full article here: https://www.kaieteurnewsonline.com/2018/06/28/ramson-signals-desire-to-be-pppc-presidential-candidate/)

The Presidential Candidate of the PPP is elected by the Central Committee consisting of 35 members. Nominations are made, and then each member of the committee votes based on his or her personal preference.

Yesterday, Jagdeo said, “We will make that determination shortly then we will inform the public.” He said that the Executive Committee is slated to meet today and the Central Committee has a scheduled meeting in the next two months.

Jagdeo assured, “Whoever emerges with the top vote, the entire party will support. We have always worked that way.”

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 06/30/2018 at 1:32 pm

    A young face on Guyana’s political scene. What a breath of fresh air! Is this a sign of more changes yet to come across the political spectrum? Will Guyana finally shed the skin of a past era and walk boldly in the 21st century?

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