South Georgetown Secondary School Alumnae – Reunion Gala – Brooklyn NY – August 31. 2018

Message from Andrea Reece:               

I am the Event Coordinator for South Georgetown Secondary School Alumni Association and would like to request that you post our next event with the attached flyer and the following text below to Guyanese Online.

The countdown to South Georgetown Secondary School Alumnae Association’s 3rd International Reunion Gala Dinner Dance and raffle drawing to benefit St. Stephen’s Primary School on Friday August 31, 2018 has begun. This is a uniquely golden opportunity for former students and faculty to reconnect and renew old friendships, and possibly to forge new ones. All those who passed through the gates of South whether as student or faculty, share a special bond, a common thread, a singular experience, and a familiar chain link fence. “Calling all Southies, South-siders, and Denizens of the Burial Ground School, leh we congregate, celebrate, and gyrate pun Labor Day Friday.” “Shout it out, South we deh bout”

The Alumnae Association is looking forward to your attendance and support at this event. Tickets will not be sold at the door. RSVP for tickets by Tuesday July 31, 2018.

Thank you.

Andrea Reece

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  • Thinker  On 06/30/2018 at 12:22 am

    What is the registered name of the Association? Alumnae implies past female students.

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