DENTAL OUTREACH TO GUYANA – Week of July 23. 2018 – Donations Requested

From Robert Lawrie:

DENTAL OUTREACH TO GUYANA – Week of July 23. 2018 – Donations Requested

When is the last time you have any thought to your teeth? Most of us never think about them unless there is a problem. Despite the fact that our smile is the first impression we make when we meet someone, our teeth are necessary for eating, and our dental health reflects our overall physical health, most of us don’t think twice about them. In the US it is standard to visit the dentist twice a year to maintain proper dental health. In Guyana, however, that practice is rarely followed. For most Guyanese, dental health goes way beyond being a luxury, it is not even a consideration.

In light of this tremendous need, Robert Lawrie, 4th generation Guyanese who has written a book about his life as a Guyanese man living in America, has put together a team of professionals to make dental health accessible back home. Working with clinicians from Miami-Dade College he is bringing this team to Guyana during the week of July 23 to offer free dental services.

All the arrangements have been made and all the equipment has been secured. Transportation costs, however, have not. You can be a part of this endeavor by helping to contribute for the cost of transportation to Guyana for these professionals. Please check out the link to help make this great need become a reality for so many.

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