School’s out! The verdict is in! – By Yvonne Sam

School’s out!  The verdict is in!

By Yvonne Sam

Even in summer learning must continue to flow, if our kids are to forward go. `

School will soon be over for the year.  Here comes Summer!–Days are becoming longer, and the sun is positioned higher in the sky.  our children’s thoughts are now turned  to video games, skateboarding, swimming, mall hopping and bike riding.

Yes, school is out and parents will be  looking for things to keep their children occupied. Unfortunately for far too many kids, summer vacation is a time for forgetting. The saying “If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,’ is apt as kids who do not keep in touch with academics, especially reading over the summer regress. Their hard-earned reading skills decline.         

Although kids are on vacation from school, it is extremely important that they continue to learn. Working on different subjects over the summer will have them in a state of readiness, prepared to thrive academically when August rolls around. However, in addition to activities we must find a way to remain ever vigilant as times are dangerous and we need our children to avoid danger, and harm at all cost. Our children must be kept on a routine even though they are out of school.

It is totally unwise, to say the least`, for them to sleep in all day and resign themselves to snacks and playing video games. They must remain active which is good for physical and mental well -being. Checking the activities at the local community, recreation centers and libraries could help line up activities that would not break the bank. Taking the time to engage your children in conversations about what they are learning is just as important during the summer as during the school year.  On a more positive note, setting aside time, every day, for children to read and interact with you about what they are reading will help to keep their minds positively engaged.

When the time and effort is expended in keeping the children actively engaged in the summer, there lies a greater chance of them staying out of trouble, and of the way of harm, and law enforcement. It is important to know who your children’s friends are, and also their parents.  Knowing who your child is hanging out with can help you teach them lessons in judging character. Speak to them seriously about not following children that engage in misbehavior.

The summer time is a great time to hone your child’s decision-making skills, especially when dealing with other kids. They need to understand the weight and consequences of decisions made.

What will your kids be doing this summer? The truth is plain, their post-summer return should reveal considerable academic gain.

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