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OH HOW HAPPY CAN GUYANA BE ! – Chris Prashad – Music video

OH HOW HAPPY CAN GUYANA BE ! – Chris Prashad – Music video

Chris Prashad –  Published on May 22, 2018

A song for Guyana’s Independence Anniversary, May 26.

No more British Rule and exploitation of our people and natural resources

Analysis: Can Chinese cities leave the car behind?

A greener life, a greener world

Article imageEncouraging bicycles and investing in public transport are just some of the ways Chinese cities are trying to minimise car use Photo credit: chuyu.

By Liu Shaokun

For years, Chinese city planners have prioritised cars, but they’re now taking a different route, writes Liu Shaokun.

Plagued by congestion and air pollution, China’s cities are exploring models of transportation that are more sustainable in terms of their social, environmental and climate impacts. Some have emerged as global leaders, such as Hangzhou, south-west of Shanghai, which in 2017 won an international award for its municipal bike sharing scheme. More recently Shenzhen, a major city north of Hong Kong, electrified its entire fleet of public buses, gaining worldwide recognition.

Over the past 40 years, China has undergone rapid urbanisation. In the 1980s, the one-time “kingdom of the bicycle” saw economic reforms and the transition to motorised transportation. The country is now…

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OPINION: Enter the Dragon: China’s Crucial Role in Winning Syria Peace

Trump’s and Bolton’s Instincts Form a Toxic Combination – Peter Beinart | The Atlantic

Trump’s and Bolton’s Instincts Form a Toxic Combination

The interplay between the two helps explain the confusion whirling around the North Korea summit.

Peter Beinart | The Atlantic

Why did the Trump administration cancel its much-hyped nuclear summit with North Korea? And why the confusing semi-backtrack the following day, in which Trump embraced North Korea’s “warm and productive statement” regretting the cancellation, and left the door open to a meeting he’d ditched barely 24 hours before?

The answer lies in the toxic interplay between Donald Trump’s instincts and John Bolton’s. Each man’s foreign-policy views are dangerous enough in and of themselves. Put them together and you have the perfect cocktail for the decimation of American power.             Continue reading

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