LOVE AND FIRE – By Norman Datt

LOVE AND FIRE – By Norman Datt
Yesterday I had a good ole time chuckle
To see how some snubbing British buckle
As the Rev. M. Curry dramatically unleash
Some simple come backs to those Briteesh
He expounded what many of them forgot
How strong love with fire if when sought
As an American he should fully well know
For its dividing America today a sad blow
But it was a lesson most of us have forgotten too
The result was so much global hate, nothing new
But its them who first started to throw around hate
With Hawkins, Raleigh and Drake then called pirate
They went around the world and colonized the poor natives
Of India, China, Africa, the Caribbean with ulterior motives
Then their offsprings called themselves the United States of A
Braying around the world with Democracy made a bigger say
Not before unleashing their Philistine hatred with demands
Herding all Indians into reservations after stealing their lands
After wiping out their staple food by destroying their buffaloes
At Wounded Knee, and bad Treaties fighting rifles with arrows
They then unleashed their Love on their own slavery Blacks
Called segregation in public lynchings and ambushed attacks
In South Africa with Apartheid they again snubly shone
After massacring the natives as the ghettos ran crimson
No wonder everyone’s warlike face listening with eyes bulging
As  Rev. Curry expounded on love with fire was so tantalizing
That even Her Majesty looked very perturbed as in askance
What’s going on with all this quasi-unorthodox poetical dance?
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