Canada’s second largest airline, WestJet may begin Guyana flights

Canada’s WestJet may begin Guyana flights

By Ray Chickrie – Caribbean News Now contributor. May 20, 2018

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — Canada’s second largest airline, WestJet, according to local media in Guyana on Friday, is interesting in adding Georgetown, Guyana, to its network, amid significant growth in Guyana’s aviation sector and its upcoming oil and gas industry.

WestJet officials were supposed to be in Guyana on Friday May 18th 2018 to attend an aviation meeting in Georgetown, the capital.  

WestJet Routes

However, due to an emergency, the WestJet representative did not make it to Guyana on Friday, the media reported, but a delegation will soon land in Guyana to explore opening a route from Toronto to Georgetown. Toronto is home to a very large Guyanese population, who are always having issues finding reliable services and affordable prices to their homeland.

Talk of a Canadian airline returning to Guyana has long been in the air. There was speculation that Air Canada was on the verge of returning to Guyana but it didn’t, and this came from high officials in the government over a decade ago.

In 2014, the two countries signed an open skies air agreement that replaced the restrictive 2005 agreement. Guyana based carriers will now have access to all points in Canada.

WestJet owns 126 aircraft and has an order for 60 jets including the Boeing 787-800 and newer versions of the Boeing 737. The airline is a budget carrier that does not provide meals, beverages or free baggage. Passengers have to pay for those items. The first checked bag costs CDN$25 and second $35.

With its extensive network, WestJet will connect Georgetown to cities across Canada and the US. There is still room for competition in the New York City market, where the vast majority of overseas Guyanese live. Airfares from NYC to Georgetown remain exorbitant and only Caribbean Airlines (CAL) provides a reliable connection to Guyana. CAL has over the months significantly improved its in-flight services in and out of Guyana.

WestJet already flies to Jamaica, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago

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  • Ron Saywack  On 05/22/2018 at 8:24 am

    The little-known gem in South America – no more?

    It is intriguing to see the emergence of a number of major airlines expressing an interest in Georgetown as an international destination. That may, ultimately, result in competitive (affordable) prices to fly in and out of there from hubs like New York and Toronto.

    There is, unquestionably, unlimited potential for the development of tourism (including eco-tourism) in the homeland. Soon, major hotels could rise up and beachfront areas developed and groomed for sunbathers, akin to what is the norm in the rest of the Caribbean.

    Guyana is now entering the spotlight of global interest. After all, it is one of few places left on Earth where nature, in all its pristine beauty, has hitherto largely escaped the destructive claws of man, where the forest and its abundance of exotic denizens can be seen in their natural state as they have been for millions of years.

    And yes — that little-known gem in South America could soon become a household name.

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