Jagdeo, David Patterson, Khemraj Ramjattan and the IAC – By Freddie Kissoon

Jagdeo, David Patterson, Khemraj Ramjattan and the IAC – By Freddie Kissoon

By Freddie Kissoon

The brother of Minister David Patterson was arrested for narcotics in Grenada. Before that, there was a celebration in the New Amsterdam prison where prohibited items were in use. Bharrat Jagdeo took some nasty swipes at Minister Patterson. The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) took some nasty swipes too at Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of Security.

Jagdeo thinks Patterson should do the right thing insinuating that he should resign though Jagdeo stated that the Opposition Leader is not calling on Patterson to resign. The IAC is demanding Ramjattan’s resignation. Both Jagdeo and the IAC are creatures from another world that the Guyanese people need to read up on. Here are some notes about them.   

The insinuations of Jagdeo in relation to Minister Patterson were beyond belief. He asked whether the brother left through the VIP lounge and openly declared that the PPP government was accused of involvement in narco-trafficking but look who is involved. It is the height of asininity to blame a Minister of government if his brother got entangled with the law. If Patterson resigns then he becomes the greatest fool that ever lived since civilization began thousands of years ago.

Why must a Minister take moral responsibility for a sibling’s entanglement with the law? Where in the world is there such an example? Do ministers, prime ministers and presidents know what their relatives are doing? So Obama was morally responsible the conduct of his aunt and uncle who were both discovered to be illegal in the US? Obama did not resign.

The senior Bush when he was president had two daughters who were arrested by the police in Texas for liquor age violation. Bush did not resign. Kofi Annan did not resign as GS of the United Nations when his son was embroiled in a scandal with a Swiss company. A UN investigation revealed that Annan did not know what his son was doing.

But if we want to talk about resignation, let’s ask Jagdeo and the IAC some questions. First to Jagdeo; how is it that a man operated a huge, violent, extra-judicial squad which murdered hundreds, had a cabinet minister purchasing special equipment that American companies only sell to governments, but the President of Guyana did not know about the extra-judicial leader or his purchase of the equipment?

To this day, Jagdeo maintains his position – “I never met Roger Khan.”

A prominent Portuguese businessman from the seventies now living in Florida has evidence to prove President Jagdeo is not telling the truth. Does the IAC feel that Jagdeo is morally fit to be the Opposition Leader?

A man is facing jail time in the US for narco-trafficking and money laundering. He had a private hanger at the Timehri where he landed and departed without customs checks. His name is Khamraj Lall. A close relative of Lall is very close to Bharrat Jagdeo. Does Jagdeo know about this? Who facilitated this man? How this can happen in a country with a very small population and the president didn’t know? Would the IAC like to offer a comment?

Now let us see when the IAC was born. It was birthed during the presidency of Jagdeo (2003 to be precise) and its birth was facilitated by the Government of Guyana. So since that time, did the IAC see any terrible action by the PPP’s Home Affairs Ministers to call on them to resign? Did the IAC see anything illegal committed by the Home Affair Ministry under Ronald Gajraj? What about Rohee? Did the IAC call upon any minister to resign when a popular anti-government activist, Courtney Crum-Ewing, was gunned while urging Diamond residents not to vote for the PPP in the 2015 elections?

Bharrat Jagdeo subtly hinted that Patterson should resign because his brother has been arrested. But Jagdeo confirmed as Commissioner of Police, one of the world’s most corrupt citizens ever to don a police uniform. The American Government strongly advised President Jagdeo not to appoint Henry Greene as Commissioner because of his involvement with drug traffickers. Jagdeo still went ahead.

Jagdeo could not, as president, get into the bad books of Acting Commissioner Henry Greene. Greene knew too much. As they say in journalistic jargon, he knew “where the bodies were buried.”

Greene got into trouble when the PPP regime refused to save him from being charged for rape. He had to resign. He was about to talk but then he died. The death of Greene in a car accident on West Coast Demerara is long forgotten. But there should be some discreet enquiries. No check was made to see if his car brakes were tampered with.
Greene was about to spill his guts (no pun intended).

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  • Rosaliene Bacchus  On 05/19/2018 at 2:59 pm

    Acting Commissioner of Police Henry Greene is not forgotten. I renamed a similar character in one of my novels after him.

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