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Guyana’s Rupununi: Which of us hasn’t wanted to be a cowboy? – By Geoff Burrowes

Ole time ‘tory or livin’ the dream …Which of us hasn’t wanted to be a cowboy or fireman?

By Geoff Burrowes

All the facts in this yarn are true apart from the ones that have been stretched to make it a better tale!

The beach house perched on tall stilts on the Buxton foreshore. The party was hot and heavy. The rum was rich and dark. Old timers will remember it fondly – it wasn’t from Bookers or Sandbach Parker but was distilled in Robb St by a maverick, Tommy Houston. It caused a warm glow when it hit the stomach and conversation flowed freely.

‘You don’t have to go all the way to Australia. Rupununi Development are looking for staff!’ Clive Bettencourt’s dad was Chairman of Rupununi Development and Monday morning I went to see him. He knew my Dad and I left his office with a job offer. That was how business was done in those days.     Continue reading

Cricket: SIR FRANK WORRELL’S LEGACY – By Albert Baldeo + video

SIR FRANK WORRELL’S LEGACY – The West Indies should learn from its Elder Statesman    

By Albert Baldeo 

Worrell graces the covers of Word Sports magazine

“Worrell never made a crude or an ungrammatical stroke…Worrell was poetry.”   — Sir Neville Cardus, the doyen of cricket writers 

“So when half a million Australians lined the streets of Melbourne in their ticker tape farewell to Worrell and his men, they were not only paying a final tribute to the team’s great achievements, they were recognizing the capacity and potential of equals both on and off the turfHe saw the many diverse elements of the West Indies as a whole, a common culture and outlook separated only by the Caribbean Sea.” —-Sir Learie Constantine 

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The day that Albert Einstein feared most has arrived. Observe! – Photos 

The day that Albert Einstein feared most has arrived. Observe! 


Planning their honeymoon.     

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Trump is Wrong Over Iran, But Europe Can’t Afford to Divorce the USA – The Guardian UK

Trump is Wrong Over Iran, But Europe Can’t Afford to Divorce the USA

Bruno Tertrais | The Guardian UK

No other USA president has been as antagonistic to European principles. But there’s no alternative to a strong transatlantic partnership

In 2003 a USA-led war in the Middle East fractured western unity and divided the European family. It was a trauma of historic proportions, a watershed in some ways comparable to the 1956 Suez crisis.

With Donald Trump’s decision on Iran, we may be on the verge of another such moment. On the surface, things may not look as bad as they did in early 2003.

At this point, USA military action against Iran is a worst-case hypothesis – not a plan. No 180,000-strong force is being built up near Iranian territory. Nor are Europeans split into two camps.

In this current crisis – and despite Brexit – Europeans look like they’re sticking together.      Continue reading

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