Gaza Massacre: “All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead’ – Eddie Glaude Jr.

“All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead’: Eddie Glaude Jr. Apologizes for Injecting Heartfelt “Moralizing” into MSNBC Roundtable on Gaza Massacre

Journalist Glenn Greenwald called the segment “fascinating” to witness, “as it temporarily broke the primitive, simple-minded matrix for how US cable news talks about things like the Israeli massacre of Gazans.”

Common Dreams – 15 May 2018 – by   Comments

Princeton University professor of religion and African studies Eddie Glaude Jr. struck a notably impassioned and human tone as he interrupted Susan Del Percio, a GOP strategist, during an MSNBC segment on the Israeli massacre of unarmed protesters in Gaza on Monday. (Screenshot: MTPDaily/MSNBC)


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  • Tata  On 05/23/2018 at 11:03 pm

    This is an unspeakable act of EVIL. The world is again silent just as it was during South Africa’s Apartheid system, as Black people were slaughtered for what was rightfully theirs. Paul Findley’s “They Dare to SPEAk OUT”, is Truly a gut wrenching read. We die and leave everything here on earth.

    “Moon run till day catch em” I hope that day comes.

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