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Shop At Thrift Stores? You Bet! – opinion

Invitation to 52nd Independence Flag Raising Ceremony – Toronto City Hall – May 26. 2018

Download: Invitation to 52nd Independence Flag Raising Ceremony – Toronto City Hall. Canada

Gaza Massacre: “All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead’ – Eddie Glaude Jr.

“All Those Babies Are Dead. All Those People Are Dead’: Eddie Glaude Jr. Apologizes for Injecting Heartfelt “Moralizing” into MSNBC Roundtable on Gaza Massacre

Journalist Glenn Greenwald called the segment “fascinating” to witness, “as it temporarily broke the primitive, simple-minded matrix for how US cable news talks about things like the Israeli massacre of Gazans.”

Common Dreams – 15 May 2018 – by   Comments

Princeton University professor of religion and African studies Eddie Glaude Jr. struck a notably impassioned and human tone as he interrupted Susan Del Percio, a GOP strategist, during an MSNBC segment on the Israeli massacre of unarmed protesters in Gaza on Monday. (Screenshot: MTPDaily/MSNBC)


BARBADOS – Former P.M. Owen Arthur warns local economy could collapse

BARBADOS – Former prime minister warns local economy could collapse

Owen Arthur

May 14, 2018 – Caribbean News Service 

BARBADOS – Former prime minister Owen Arthur warns local economy could collapse due to falling foreign reserves and a weak first quarter 2018 in their latest Central Bank report.

On Monday May 14 he warned Barbadians to be prepared for stringent economic policies regardless of which political party emerges victorious in the Barbados May 24. 2018 General Election.        Continue reading

Genuine Diaspora returnees bring an immeasurable quality back to Guyana – GHK Lall

Genuine Diaspora returnees bring an immeasurable, invaluable quality back to the table of Guyana

Dear Editor,  [ Letter by GHK Lall ]

From time to time, the returning Diaspora attracts deep-seated misunderstanding and malice.  The parochial are rankled at those who “come fuh tek deh ting” and who supposedly benefit from their heroic struggles according to cries from the self-martyred.  There is substantial agitation in the childish jealousies and sharp anger directed at returnees.

What would this society be without the ministrations of an involved and caring Diaspora subset?  That is those souls who put hard-earned (clean) assets at the disposal and service of local communities, be such through schools or hospitals or groups or any of the numerous areas in dire need of a hand?  No names need be mentioned; it is enough that there are known to those who feel their warmth and their generosity.     Continue reading

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