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GUYANA SPEAKS –  Independence and Activism – London UK – May 27. 2018

GUYANA SPEAKS –  Independence and Activism – London UK – May 27. 2018

As you all know, we are fast approaching the 52nd Anniversary of the Independence of Guyana.   In reflecting on this, the Guyana SPEAKS team have invited three distinguished guests – Hew Locke, Storm Westmaas and Hannah Kendall – to speak on the theme of Independence and Activism.

Hew, who was living in Guyana in 1966, will be talking about the impact of Independence of his art.  Storm will focus on the pre-independence activism of his father, Rory Westmaas.  Hannah Kendall will speak about the production of her highly acclaimed one-man chamber opera – based on the political activist and poet, Martin Carter.    Continue reading

Who is the Vassal? – The USA or Israel regarding Iran – By Uri Avnery

Who is the Vassal? – The USA or Israel regarding Iran

By Uri Avnery

“IF YOU want to understand the policy of a nation, look at the map!” Napoleon is supposed to have said.  It is good advice.

If you are living in Israel, these days, you get the impression that the huge State of Israel is dictating to its American vassal what to do about Iran.

President Donald Trump listens and complies. Bibi the Great tells him to tear up the Iranian deal for no obvious reason, and he obeys. He has no choice, poor man.

But then you look at the map, and to your great surprise you discover that the USA is a huge country, while Israel is a mere speck, so small that its name has to be written outside its borders, in the sea.     Continue reading

The View from Europe: The future cost of Trump’s ‘America First’ policy – By David Jessop

The View from Europe: The future cost of Trump’s ‘America First’ policy

David Jessop

May 11, 2018 – By David Jessop

At first sight, last week’s decision by the US president to abrogate the hard-won 2015 UN Security Council deal on nuclear weapons with Iran may seem to have little bearing on the Caribbean.

What it does, however, is take US exceptionalism to a new level. It ignores the interests of the co-signatories to the agreement, including Russia and China and close allies in the EU, all of which continue to believe that the agreement represents a viable way of curbing Iran’s nuclear intent. More broadly, it demonstrates to every other state that Washington has abandoned multilateralism and in the singular pursuit of its own objectives will in future ignore previously valued allies.       Continue reading

AFC, APNU running Guyana “collectively” despite some disagreements- Ramjattan

AFC, APNU running Guyana “collectively” despite some disagreements- Ramjattan

Khemraj Ramjattan

The Alliance For Change (AFC) on Friday shied away from singling out any particular demand it successfully made from A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) during the past three years that the coalition has been in office.

Instead, party Chairman, Khemraj Ramjattan opted to say that it collectively contributed to administration’s policies and programmes. “Almost all that we have managed to collectively deliver to parliament in Bills, whatever the Bills, were a joint effort by both parties,” said Ramjattan, an AFC co-founder.

He explained that AFC led on infrastructural works, telecommunications and security such as the regionalisation of  the Guyana Police Force, while A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) led in other areas.     Continue reading

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