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NRA Convention: Trump defends Second Amendment and Gun Ownership

Donald Trump says London hospital is like ‘war zone’ because of knife crime

At NRA event, Trump defends gun ownership by referring to ‘blood all over the floors’ at unnamed London hospital

Trump at NRA Convention 2018

Donald Trump on Friday (May 4, 2018), fuelled fears of a knife crime epidemic in London by comparing a hospital in the city to “a war zone”, with blood all over the floors.

The US president, addressing the National Rifle Association (NRA) convention in Dallas, made the inflammatory comments two months before he is due to make his first visit to the UK.

Using a familiar conservative argument to defend gun ownership, Trump asked sarcastically whether vans, trucks and cars, which have been used by terrorists, should be banned. Then he turned to knives.  READ MORE

Jamaican actress to play Meghan Markle – By Tangerine Clarke

Jamaican actress to play Meghan Markle

By Tangerine Clarke – Caribbean Life News NY

Actress Parisa Fitz Henley

Actress Parisa Fitz-Henley, who was cast in the role of Meghan Markle in the May 13, Lifetime Television movie “Prince Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance” has a connection to the Guyanese community.

Guyanese-born fashion designer, Roger Gary at the first Caribbean Fashion Week in 2001, outfitted the 41-year-old Jamaica-born, and former Miss Jamaica Fashion Model winner.       Continue reading

Reflections on Cheddi Jagan, 1918-1997 – By Ralph Ramkarran 

Reflections on Cheddi Jagan, 1918-1997

Continue reading

Short Story: LADY OF THE NIGHT – By Royden V Chan


A Short story by Guyana-born  Royden V Chan- 1980

As we walked along the road that crossed the old Jewish cemetery, I reached out and held Amanda’s hand.

Even though it was a summer night, there was a chill in the air, which caused a thin veil of mist to rise from the two drainage canals that separated both sides of the road from the cemetery. You could barely see the old tombstones rising above the haze that clung to the ground.

I met Amanda for the first time, earlier this evening when I sat next to her at the cinema. I could not believe that I was having a conversation with her, and more so, that I asked to accompany her home.      Continue reading

Short Story: GUYANA-  Savannah Vacation – By Geoff Burrowes

GUYANA-  Savannah Vacation – By Geoff Burrowes

Here are some of my recollections from my dear land of Guyana

It is 1953, and I was 9 years old when a friend invited me to his father’s ranch in the Rupununi Savannah of Guyana, to spend the holidays.

His name was Peter Gorinsky and he was very different from the other boys in our neighbourhood. He was tall and lived next door only during the school term. The rest of the time he lived on his father’s ranch which was in the Rupununi Savannah, over 300 miles South of my town, Georgetown, the capital city of British Guyana (Now Guyana).

Most of my friends were, like myself, town boys and we took some of Peter’s tales as being tall and self-promoting. However his was a very different life as I was about to discover.

My parents agreed to the invitation and early one morning Richard King’s father pulled into our driveway. Richard was a teenager, a friend of Peter’s older brother Conrad, he was also going to spend the August holiday with the Gorinskys.   Continue reading

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