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CSJAD Press Release – From Working Breakfast – April 14. 2018 in Brooklyn. NY

Centre For Social Justice and Development Inc.

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               Monday, April 30, 2018 – Press Release

             Several developing countries have seized the opportunities embodied in the emergence and rapid growth of Diaspora communities/organizations and have facilitated programs/projects that have mutually benefited nationals living outside and within those particular countries.

Unfortunately, the government of Guyana has made minimal effort to tap into the human and material resources of its Diaspora. The North America Guyanese Diaspora represents a valuable resource base, which remains underutilized in the absence of mechanism/s to harness and channel this tremendous pool of skills and materials to the benefit of the Guyanese everywhere.

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St. Joseph’s High School Alumni – US Chapter – Breakfast Morning – May 19. 2018

GUYANA CHINA’S QUIET RISE – By Verian Mentis-Barker


The Scramble to Salvage the Iran Nuclear Deal – Robin Wright | The New Yorker

The Scramble to Salvage the Iran Nuclear Deal

Robin Wright | The New Yorker

The Iran nuclear deal — the most significant non-proliferation agreement in more than a quarter century, whether you like the terms or not — is perched on the edge of a diplomatic cliff. By May 12th, President Trump will decide whether to kick it into the abyss. He hates it.

“The worst deal I’ve ever seen,” he told Fox News, in an interview for the 2017 Super Bowl. “It was a deal that should never have been negotiated.” The world’s five other major powers — Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia — were equal parties to the accord. The United Nations Security Council unanimously endorsed it, as did the twenty-eight nations of the European Union. But the United States was the decisive voice during the two years of diplomacy that went into the deal’s signing, in 2015, and it will be decisive in its fate now.      Continue reading

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